1 Employees

Employees that log in into store-terminals.

The most important parameters of the employees are:

  • The status of the employee (allow to activate or deny access).
  • The role of the employee. If the employee don't have any role assigned, means that can perform all aptions as (modify price, modify discount...)
  • Language, Determine the language of application UI.
  • Document types. In type of douments it's possible to assign a value.

    Example: For documents as return we assign the value 1 and for sales the value 0, Then in document types of the employee we can add the values 0 if we want that user only perform sales or 0 if we want that user only perform returns or 0,1 if we want that user perform sales and returns.


The tickets contain the employee who made the document.

The cashaudit of store contain the employee who open and close the cashaudit.

* Not necessary for the Ecommerce model.


It is essential to have employees in a store to be able to make tickets.

Label Description
Employee Id Emplayee Identifier
Login code Login code
Name Name of the employee
Password Password of the employee

Role code Role code
Document type Type of document
Status Employee status

  • Default: A
  • Values:
    • A: Active.
    • B: Drop.
Created by User who created the record

  • Default: USER
Registration date Log entry date

  • Default: CURRENT
Update user Last user who modified the registry

  • Default: USER
Update date Date of most recent record modification

  • Default: CURRENT

2 Roles

Menu path:
POS / Employees / Roles

Definition of roles assigned to users.

These roles determine which functions (buttons, processes) can be performed on a device.

The functions are:

  • Warehouse movements premission. (Allow to create movements).
  • Cashaudit full info. (All info of the system during cashaudit, showing the theorical amount).
  • Edit customer data.
  • Manage employees. (Add/Edit/Remove employees of the shop).
  • Modify discount at tickets
  • Modify payments of closed tickets.
  • Modify price at tickets
  • Add customers
  • Open cashdrawer
  • Modify printers configuration.

Label Description
Code User role code

  • Case: Upshift
Description Name and description of role