Application Administrators are key users to manage the application. While standard users only have rights (create/update/delete) over those entities and records created by them, administrators have the same rights over any record or entity in the application.

Adapting the application to the reality of the company is also the administrator responsibility.

1 Administration forms

The administrator has access to a series of forms that will allow the user management and the adaptation of the application to the real needs of the company.

1.1 User administration

Create new users, update users' information or delete users through this option. All fields on this form are required:

Menu: CRM / Administration / Users

  • Code: unique identifier
  • Name: include first name and surname
  • Profile: select between User or Administrator
  • Language: select one language among the list
  • Email: mailing address where the user/administrator will receive the automatic messages from the tiny CRM application
  • State: select between Active or Locked

It is possible that there is more than one administrator.

1.2 Application Customization

Use this option to create, update or delete some fields option in order to adapt it to your company peculiarities. The system offers seven languages and their contents can be modified.

The options that can be customized are:

  • Account types
  • Industry
  • Sources
  • Deal stages

All customization forms have the same structure and work in the same way. Use the top menu buttons to add or delete rows of records (insert new options or delete existing ones). Use the edit icon on the left side of each row to make changes to existing rows.

1.3 Excel loader

The tiny CRM application allows system administrators to import data from an excel file.

Use this method to import a massive amount of data from other systems. For this purpose, it is necessary to use the excel template that can be easily downloaded from the application. You can also watch the video below.


  • Access Menu/Administration/Excel loader
  • Update the template if you have recently added new users or modified any customizable option. To this end:
    • Click on Update Template button.
    • Download the file called TEMPLATE by clicking on the file icon .
  • Open the downloaded excel file. This allows inserting new data, using a different tab for each of the entities: leads, accounts, contacts and deals tabs.
  • Fill in the fields for the desired entity/ies.
  • Save the excel file.
  • Come back to the Menu/Administration/Excel loader
  • Clean the form and fill in with a new load name.
  • Select the excel file that contains the new data by clicking on the Choose file button.
  • Press insert button: the file is loaded, but the process is still pending.
  • Press Process button: the entities have been inserted into the application.
  • This excel loader form shows a statistic of all rows or entities inserted with success or failure status.

1.3.1 Demo Video

The video below shows how to import a new lead, proves that it has been correctly created by looking for it in the lead form and converts it into an account/client by pressing the conversion button.

Note for PDF version of the user's manual

This video is only available in the online version.