The Contacts are the natural persons we deal with, always related to an account or a lead.
There are two ways to create a new contact:

  1. From a converted lead customer
  2. Through the contact form

1 The conctact form

Menu: CRM / Contacts

  • Contact box: this data can come from the lead customer information after the conversion, and also there is extra information that can be filled in this form.
    • First name, last name and birth date of the contact.
    • Email and phone numbers of the contact.
    • Department and company title of the contact.
    • Account linked to this register. IMPORTANT: the contact can only be related to a unique account. This number matches the account number to which it is linked.
    • Source refers to the origin of the contact: call, web form, web search... Select one between the standard options.
    • Owner of the contact, usually the user that created it.

    Source options

    The standard options that the application displays can be modified, added or deleted to adapt your company features. This action must be taken during application implementation. To this end, see Administration section.

  • Box of the Additional information about the contact.
    • Other phone and fax numbers.
    • Assistant name and assistant phone number.
    • Secondary mail, Skype address, and twitter.
    • Address box: information related to client address.
    • Mailing Address and additional address of the client.
  • The description box: add a unique and concise but complete and comprehensive description of the entire entity.