A deal is the tangible business activity. The Deals determine the sales and possible sales or services that we perform in the company in agreement with the customer. To facilitate the deal control, a control is carried out through the definition of the state and its visualization through a workflow.

1 The deals form

Menu: CRM / Deals

  • Deals box includes:
    • Owner of the deal, usually the user that created it.
    • Name and contact number.
    • Amount: expected revenue of the lead customer.
    • Account number and name.
    • Closing date:

      There is the possibility to program automatic reminders of deals based on the closing date through the Cron Task, which can be configured via Axional Studio by the System Manager.

    • Deal type: select between Existing businesses or New business.
    • Expected monthly profit: some deals can generate periodic incomes in addition to the initial amount.
    • Stage (*mandatory field): select one between the standard options. This option will be reflected in the workflow.
    • Probability (%): it is a way to measure your progress. It is closely related to the stage, and it varies automatically depending on the defined stage.
    • Source refers to the origin of the contact: call, web form, web search... select one between the standard options.
    • Next step: use this field to write down your following steps before they become a task.
  • Account box and description box.
  • Stage box: graphical workflow of the stage status of the deal.

Stage and source options

The standard options that the application displays can be modified, added or deleted to adapt your company features. This action must be taken during application implementation. To this end, see Administration section.

1.1 New member

Other users of the system can take part in the deal. By pressing the New member button you can add a name among existing users.

1.2 Close Won and Close Lost options

Each deal can be edited in order to indicate at which stage it is. While a deal is open, it is possible to edit and modify its status into different stages.

Close a deal can only be done through two options:

  • you can modify the stage field to won or lost, or
  • you can press on the Close won or Close lost buttons respectively.


When a deal is closed, later modifications are not allowed.