A lead customer is a potential customer.

Potential customers, therefore, are those people, companies or organizations that do not yet make purchases from our company, but are considered as possible customers in the future since they have the appropriate profile.

1 Lead form

Menu: CRM / Leads

  • The lead box contains the main information about the customer lead. At the moment we convert this lead into an account through the conversion button, personal data of this form become the contact data.
    • Name and last name of the contact.
    • Company (*mandatory field): name of the lead company. IMPORTANT: it will become the name of the account after conversion.
    • Email and phone number of the contact.
    • Owner: user who has created the contact.
    • Lead status: select one among the standard options, all related to the relation with the contact.
  • Details' box: the information contained within this box mainly refers to the company.
    • The Title refers the job title of the contact.
    • Phone and fax of the company.
    • The Annual revenue and the Number of employeesof the company give us an idea of the possible volume of the business.
    • Skype ID of the contact.
    • Twitter and website of the company.
    • The Industry refers to the kind of industry the company belongs to. Select one between the standard options
    • Lead source refers to the origin of the lead contact: call, web form, web search... Select one between the standard options.
    • Rating to make an assessment of the current situation: acquired, active, project canceled... Select one between the standard options.

    Industry and source drop lists

    The standard options that the application displays in these fields can be modified, added or deleted to adapt them to your company necessities. This action must be taken during application implementation. To this end, see Administration section.

  • Address box: the information contained within this box will be transferred to both the contact and the company address after conversion. These addresses can be corrected later if necessary.
    • Provide all necessary address information: street, Postal Code, City, State and Country. If this information is correct, the map field will show a Google Maps precise location.

1.1 Before creating a lead customer

Consider that it is possible to create a new account from a lead customer that uses the same company name of an existing account. In this case, at the moment that the company name of the potential client becomes the name of the future account, two separate accounts will be created with the same name.


If your goal is not to duplicate an account, check that the company name doesn't exist as an account before creating the lead customer register.

1.2 When the lead customer becomes a real client

Once a potential customer becomes real, it will be necessary to transform the data into an account and a contact. To do this, press the Convert (Account/Contact) button located on the lead form. Automatically, the account and contact entities will be created using the data of the lead form.

Although this is the most common option to create new accounts, it is also possible to create them by the account and contact forms, and relating them at a later time.

After conversion, some fields will be copied exactly in both new entities. Other fields will only be transferred to one or another entity, but the information of the original fields will be preserved. The copied fields that can be separately modified in each entity form and not shared anymore after conversion are:

  • Owner
  • Phone number and fax
  • Source
  • Address fields
  • Comments


Have in mind that, after converting a lead, the lead register will disappear.