1 Channels

Another method of interaction with the Tiny CRM database is done through the Axional Portal desktop. It allows the visualization of information through channels, being a very agile and recommendable way of data access.

Channel Activation:

  • Access the Axional Portal www.mydeister.com with your usual username and password.
  • From the desktop, display the upper left menu of the application.
  • Select menu options: Tiny CRM. The desktop now shows the channels associated with the application.
  • To save this desktop among your own, press the option TEMPLATE |+ located in the upper right of the screen.
  • Press ACEPT

Now you can easily visualize the data through your desktop.


If you are an administrator, you can also select the specific Tiny CRM Admin option.

1.1 User's desktop

Now our desktop shows us, always updated, the most important data of the Tiny CRM database, classified and categorized by colors. This desktop has a more user oriented approach.

This data can be sorted, filtered and selected using the arrows (sort), the funnel (filter) and the drop list (select). All Underlined words are links to the entities in the program, just as the lead, account, contact and deal icons.

Remember that you can modify the desktop by ordering, deleting or adding channels. For more information see the Portal Channels.

1.2 Admistrator's desktop

Similar to the user's desktop, but with more appropriate channels for the comprehensive control and management of the data with no user limitation.



OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a technology used to organize business databases and allow the execution of multidimensional analysis of corporate data. It allows the user to select all information and analyze segmented users, while simultaneously decreasing the quantity of reported data.

Applied to the Tiny CRM database, we can make custom queries in data style or in a wide range of graphs.

For further information consult OLAP User's guide.