One of the great benefits of using Tiny CRM is access to the reports. This way you can easily keep up to date with all the information related to the deals, tasks and accounts.

1 Reports

1.1 Monthly state by user

Menu: CRM / Reports / Monthly state by user

This report is generated based on two selection criteria, which are:

  • the owner and
  • the month of the last period

The report divides the information in four main areas that give detailed information on related entities.

  • General information:
    • Pending to close: total sum of the amounts of open deals
    • Won vs Lost: amount won versus amount lost of closed deals
    • Total number of deals, tasks, accounts and contacts
  • Account box is a data collection that shows detailed information regarding the accounts of this owner during the selected month.
    • Name, type, industry and rating per each account
    • Total contact, deal and task number per each account
  • Deals box is a data collection that gives detailed information regarding the deals of this owner during the selected month.
    • Identifier, type and name of each deal
    • Total amount, stage, probability and closing date per each deal
    • Account name and contact name related to this deal
    • Create date of the deal
  • Tasks box is a data collection that shows detailed information regarding the tasks of this owner during selected month.
    • Origin, owner and account related to each task
    • Subject, date, priority and description per each deal
    • State and update date per each deal

1.2 Deal list

Menu: CRM / Reports / Deal list

The query on this option allows you to create a fully customized report based on the user requirements, being the start and end date of the deal the only mandatory fields.

Once the existing deals have been filtered according to the chosen criteria, the report always shows the results of the same information, this being:

Identifier id deal number
Deal name Name of the deal
Owner Usually the user that created the deal
Account name Company name related to that deal
Type Account Type describes the relationship with the account company
Industry Refers to the kind of industry the company belongs to.
Deal type Existing businesses or New business
Source Origin of the contact.
Contact name Name of the contact
Amount Amount of the lead customer (not the expected revenue)
Closing date Expected closing date of the deal
Stage description Current status of the deal. This report can include all possible states
Probability (%) % of progress of the deal
Date created Creation date of the deal

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