The previous use case, Commercial Example, showed how to use the POS from a sales representative or sales team perspective. This use case, intended for in-store retail use, will show how to carry out direct sales, cash till operations, product returns and in-store promotions.

1 Introduction

This example describes the performance of a store in our hypothetical sporting goods company, NIXIP.

The POS will be identical to the one created for the past example.

2 POS Interface Interaction

2.1 Direct Sale

2.1.1 Receipt in the Central System

Menu Path: Mobile / Point of Sales / Tickets / Registry

Results in the system appear as below:

2.2 Cash Count

To perform cash count or balancing, the "Audit" option must be selected from the main menu, as seen below:

The cash till will also have to be closed to perform this operation. It should be closed with the same amount as opening, as seen in the Closure video.

2.2.1 Correct Verification

Users must enter the cash and card values of all the purchases performed since opening. If the device is connected to the network, it will be able to verify the inputted values and match them with the theoretical values (balancing / cash count).

Entering Cash and Card Values

Once the Verify button has been pressed, the system checks if both values match, and displays a window with the final result.

In this case, the values entered are correct, so the system will display a "Correct Cashaudit" message.

2.2.2 Incorrect Cash Count

Below are some examples of incorrect cash count / balancing.

Entered Incorrect Cash and Card Values
In this example, both the Cash and Card values were entered incorrectly. A window will therefore be displayed, showing a message which indicates that the values entered do not match the theoretical values for both Cash and Card.

Entered Incorrect Cash Value; Card Value Not Submitted
In the second example, the cash value entered was incorrect, and the card value was not entered at all. In this case, a message for each respective form of payment will appear.


2.3 Returns


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2.4 Promotions


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