The use of different reports permits monitoring of all processes, users, services and assignments created.

1 User Reports

1.1 Device Control

Menu path:
Mobile / Tasks / Reports / User / Devices' control
Mobile CRM / Tasks / Reports / User / Devices' control
Tasks / Reports / User / Devices' control

This object provides a general view of all information on a user's status, device, and assignments.

internal-xsqlscript-embedded (apps_sfa_device_control)
Label Description

1.1.1 Map

In this map, users' geopositioning will be displayed.

The legend distinguishes between the user selected (blue), users connected to the device (green), users not connected to the device (red), and users with an assignment alert (orange).

1.1.2 Assignment Status View

The table below shows a list of customers and users, with the status of their assignments: Operation number (total number of assignments), Pending, Completed, Canceled.

1.1.3 Messages

This maintenance function keeps a record of the messages which will be sent to a device.

The message contains the action which will be processed and executed by the device. In this case, that action is used to POP UP or SYNC the indicated tables.

The device, at every ping connection, will check for messages. If one exists, the device will save and execute it, and the process will be stored in the table below and pulled to the server. This indicates whether the message was correctly processed.

Device sound and/or vibration notifications can be set; the device can also visually display message notifications.

1.1.4 General View

The below table shows users' device information. This may include: phone number, time zone, battery level (%), user activity (driving, biking, walking, running, resting, still, or unknown), if GPS is enabled or disabled, type of network (wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G), time user has been disconnected from app, whether user is currently connected to the app (Connected, Warning [short time disconnected], Alert [long time disconnected]).

1.2 Assignment User Details

Menu path:
Mobile / Tasks / Reports / User / User detail assignation
Mobile CRM / Tasks / Reports / User / User detail assignation
Tasks / Reports / User / User detail assignation

This object contains a detailed view of all assignment information for a user. The form will also show user and device information.