The OLAP mobile client is designed for Android devices and developed on Axional Mobile. This document aims to describe the OLAP user interface for mobile devices. For more information, please see our general Axional OLAP guide.

1 Modes

This section concerns the identification of the app's components. The application layout varies according to the device's position (horizontal or vertical).

1.1 Modo horizontal

Horizontal Mode
Zone Description
1 Cube Selection
2 Selection of Available Dimensions and Measures
3 Assigning Dimensions and Measures to Report Rows and Columns
4 Viewing Report Data (Tabular or Chart Format)
5 Toolbar

1.2 Vertical Mode

The application contains a paginator. Mobile users can scroll through pages by dragging up or down:

Modo vertical
Selection of Cubes, Dimensions, and Measures View of Selected Dimensions and Measures Report in Vertical View