Server configuration elements located on Studio allow users to run Axional Mobile applications.

1 User and Group Permissions

Each user must belong to a connection group with the following permissions:

* SOAP permission: for connection groups.

* APP permission: permission granting access to each connection group database.

* OBJ permission: permission to execute objects from the device.

Above is the connection group configuration screen. Permissions determine if the user can access the group via web, via SOAP, or both.
  1. For mobile devices, access must be via SOAP or both.
  2. If only HTTP access is granted, mobile devices will not be able to access the application.
Configuration screen of connection group database. The highlighted box sets permission by connecting through the Mobile application.

2 Mobile User Properties

User parametrization of GPS tracking and synchronization rules.

GPS indicates to the system that the user will be tracked through GPS.

Sync indicates the synchronization rules applied to the user for a particular database.

Label Description
User code
Phone Telephone number for SMS communication.
Ping interval (minutes)

Scheduled interval (in minutes) before the device pings the server and sends all metrics: battery, network, GPS, activity, APK version, etc.

Cron interval (minutes)

Scheduled interval for the device to pull all data to server (in minutes).

Example: all GPS positions are stored on the device. The device uses this parameter to periodically pull GPS data to the server.

Best parametrization tested is 20 minutes.

Rule Synchronization rule code
Database Database execution rule

Mode of GPS tracking.

To keep all data, choose the Track option.

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: .
    • 1: Start.
    • 2: Trace.
GPS priority

Deprecated option.

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 1: High accuracy.
    • 0: Balanced power/accuracy.
    • 2: Low power.
    • 3: No power.
Interval (seconds)

Interval in seconds before storing GPS data.

Interval in seconds that the program uses to evaluate GPS data and store it.

Distance (meters)

Minimum distance traversed before storing GPS data.

Distance in meters that the program uses to evaluate GPS data and store it.

3 Licenses

Menu path:
Devices / Mobile devices / Licenses

The licensing control system consists of a code, an authorization, and a number of available licenses.

The licensing code is provided by Deister and allows devices to interact with the server. It serves as the starting point to run Axional Mobile applications.

Maintenance of the licenses provides us a view of all devices which have been connected to the system.

Label Description
Company Company name

License authorization ticket provided by Deister

Expiration License expiration date
Available licenses Number of devices permitted
Auto-Enable Indicates if a newly registered device will be enabled

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 1: Yes.
    • 0: No.


Any user manipulation of code values, keys or license numbers nullifies device access to the central system. If the number of licenses is increased or decreased, the corresponding keys must be provided by Deister.

4 Devices

Menu path:
Devices / Mobile devices / Devices

Lists all devices registered on the server.

Maintenance allows companies to enable, disable, or remove a device.