This section describes how device activity is monitored.

1 Overall Device Activity

The system consists of a form used to obtain information on all devices which interact with the system.

1.1 SOAP Logs

Connection via SOAP records.

1.2 Time

Records of the time consumed by the server, network, and device during the process of communication with the central system.

1.3 Sizes

Sizes transferred to or from the server in the process of communication with the central system.

1.4 Network Usage

Amount of data transferred over the network per device.

1.5 Statistics

Value of APIs used by devices. Number of devices per APK version.
Access Meter. Breakdown by manufacturer.

2 Mobile Devices

Detailed activity of users and their devices.

2.1 License Data

General information about the company's licenses.

2.2 Device Data

Specific information about device data.

2.3 User Data

Information about the user.

2.4 GPS Data

Information about device's GPS positioning.

2.5 SOAP Logs

Information about the mobile device's SOAP connections.

2.6 Sync I/O

Information about the data transferred and received during table synchronization.

2.7 Information

Device metrics.

2.8 Installed Applications

Information on all applications installed on the device.

2.9 Users on Device

Information about the users who have connected to the device. The last user connection is marked in green.

2.10 Timeline

Information over time on battery usage, GPS usage, and activity. A timeline chart is displayed with various levels. Users can set the time scale at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, the current year, 1 whole year, or all available information.

2.11 Net Usage

2.11.1 Net Usage of Deister Apps

>Total number of MB, number of input MB, and number of output MB of the Axional Core application.

2.11.2 Net Usage by App

Information about the network's total data use, differentiating between applications. This information is displayed in a chart which shows the total number of MB, number of incoming MB, and number of outgoing MB.

3 APK versions of Android Devices

The system consists of a form, used to obtain information on which versions of applications are installed on devices.

3.1 Versions

Circular type chart showing the number of users using the different versions of apks.

3.2 Data

Table showing information about the devices.