1 Overview

2 Store accounting

Form to execute and display the accountings of an store.

Use the sections to display and download the excel data with the results.


  • Accountings List of accountings process, with the totals and excel with the data.
    • By Serie Each account collect data foreach serie at tickets, with the totals and excel with the data.
      • By tax Foreach serie collect data foreach type of tax at tickets.
      • By category Foreach serie collect data foreach main category at tickets.
      • By payment Foreach serie collect data foreach payyments at tickets.

pos_store (pos_store_accounting)
Label Description
Store code Code of store, must be unique.

  • Case: Upshift
Store name Description used to identify store
CIF CIF code, used at print documents.
Sales account Sales account for accounting
Local office code Local office code
Store catalogue

The catalogue of the store allows to handle different product catalogs.

Define a catalog to classify store products.

Warehouse Warehouse code
Tax zone

The tax code (already defined in the Taxes section) which the user wants the store to follow must be selected.


The country code already defined in the Terminal section must be selected.

  • Case: Upshift
Status Status of the store

  • Default: 1
  • Case: Upshift
  • Values:
    • 1: Active.
    • 0: Disabled.

3 Store accounting data

Store accounting is stored in Excel and table data for easy verification.

Exemples result:

4 Store accounting process

Requirements before account an store.

  • All terminals of store can't have open cashaudits. All terminals of store must do the cashaudit close. Accounting process use to be at the end of the day when all stores has end the day.
  • Store must have an account defined at store management.
  • Store must have a VAT defined at store management.
  • System must find the excel templates. Explained at next point.
  • Categories must have an account defined at categories management.
  • Taxes must have an account defined at taxes management.
  • Payments must have an account defined at payments management.

Before store accounting, process eval this controls to ensure a correct account.

The process of accounting read all tickets and cashaudit of the terminals of store.

The data is entered in the excel templates to be processed.

Once processed, the data and the resulting excel are stored.

Process tickets are marked as accounted.

Process that perform this operation: JS (pos_store_account)

5 Templates

Utility to store excel templates for accounting.

System stratup with a base template, fill and save with company data before execute the process store accounting.

Rows can't be deleted, only updated.

Label Description
Template ID Template identifier
Template code Template code
Template name Template name
Data File Data
Type File Type

  • Default: type(file_data)
Size File size

  • Default: size(file_data)
Creation date Creation date

  • Default: CURRENT