The cash audit is the process that allows the employee to make the verification between the money in the box and the one registered in the system with the tickets.

The process consists of 4 parts.

  1. Cash opening
  2. Making tickets (* Optional)
  3. Verification
  4. Close


Application allow to work with or without cash audit. Terminal configuration contains a flag to do this.

1 Main process

Cash Opening:

Employee must inform the current amount at box before close any ticket. just to inform the amount that have at box.

Making tickets:

Employee starts to create tickets informing the payments.(Cash, Card, Vouchers)


Employee before performing the cash audit, access to application menu Cashaudit, inform the current payments amount that have in box and execute process to verify the information and gets a result.

The result of verification explains the info between declared and theoretical.

If employee has the role cash audit info, this also shows the amount difference.

Application shows as well the value of vouchers.

Employee can close or inform new values.


Employee can close and print the result.

Application has a list of closed cash audits at menu to see the historical or reprint.

2 Cashaudit close

closed Cashaudits

All cashaudit closed by employees and copy from open cashaudit.

*None editable information, used for accounting process.

The most important parameters of closed cashaudit are:


  • [A]ctive Means that cashaudit is current.
  • [P]rocessed means that cashaudit is closed by the employee.
  • [T]raspassed Means is traspassed to other application.

Label Description
Cashaudit Id Cashaudit Identifier
Terminal Id Terminal Identifier
Date updated Update date of the register
Employee Id Open Employee who opened cashaudit
Empployee Id Close Employee who cosed cashaudit
Date Open Date when the cashaudit is opened
Date Close Date when the cashaudit is closed
Cashaudit status Cashaudit status (Active / Closed)

  • Default: A
  • Values:
    • A: Active.
    • P: Processed.
    • T: Transfered. Transfered to ERP
Open Amount Amount with the open cashaudit
Tickets Total tickets
Total tehorical amount Total tehorical amount
Sales on credit Total of sales on credit (deliveries with no settlement)
Voucher generate Total amount of vouchers generate (From: Returns + Promotions)
Voucher from returns Vouchers from returns
Voucher from promotions
Voucher redeem Vouchers received as settlement
User created
Date created
User updated