1 Overview

2 Question groups and Questions

Used to inform extra data during ticket creation.

Each Question groups contains several ordered fields with type (Date, number, text, combo, ...) (Required/ None required). Allow the employee inform extra data at the ticket.

Exemple: During sales ticket, give the posibility to the employee to inform the postal code of the buyer.

Prepare a Group question with field postal_code type string and assign this group to the sale "type of document".

The most important parameters of Question groups are:

  • Code: Value unique, used to link wiith type of documents.
  • Active: Active/Drop. Allow activate or deny to use this question group.
  • Questions:

    • Order: Order to displayy at application.
    • Code: Code of question.
    • Label: Text to display at application for this field.
    • Type: Type of field. (text,number,date,time,combo)
    • Required: Display the field as required in form. Employee must inform the value before close the ticket.

* Not necessary for the ecommerce model.

To use combo fields, just add a combo code with the option-values.

Label Description
Code Code of question group
Group name Name of the group
Active Active group

  • Default: 1
  • Values:
    • 0: No.
    • 1: Yes.
Created by

  • Default: USER
Date created

  • Default: CURRENT
Updated by User who updated the register

  • Default: USER
Date updated Update date of the register

  • Default: CURRENT

Application UI

Ticket answers: