1 Open tickets

Tickets open, current tickets open and not closed yet.

When ticket open is closed, data is transfer to ticket close, sometimes the information of tickets open is not deleted and keeped at system.

The status of the ticket open says if ticket is closed or steel open. (Open / Ended)

All tickets starts as open ticket, can be paused, and the list of paused tickets are this ones. Open tickets with state open.

The most important parameters of the tickets open are:

  • Number: It is unique, it is composed of the store, the series of the document type and a sequential numerator.
  • Store code: The code of the store that made the ticket.
  • Terminal identifier: The identifier of terminal that made the ticket.
  • Employee identifier: The identifier of the employee that made the ticket.
  • Customer identifier: The identifier of the customer that made the ticket. In mode EPOS it's optional, in moe ECOM is required.
  • ticket discount: Global discount percentage of the ticket.
  • Identifier of promotion: Related to main promotions.
  • Taxes: Total amount of ticket-taxes.
  • Total: Total amount of ticket with taxes.
  • Type: type of document, related to 'Document types' (Sale,Return, Reservation...)
  • State: [0] Open, [2] Ended, [3] Canceled, [4] Historified
  • Date start: Initial date of ticket.
  • Date end: Ended date of ticket.
  • Message: Used at validation process to allow or not ending the ticket, if message is informed by XUDP: pos_ticket_validate, then the ticket can't be ended showing the message.
  • Source document: The origin ticket-number. In Returns the source is the origin sale.

Aditional info:

Object also show extended info as:

  • Products: Products purchased with the ticket.
  • Payments: Payments used with the ticket. Cash, cards and vouchers.


Status of open ticket.

Open: In process or paused.

Ended: Already closed.

Label Description
Ticket ID Ticket identifier
Terminal ID Terminal identification
Document type
Number Ticket Number
Employee Id Employee Identifier
Customer ID Customer identifier
Promotion ID Identifier of the promotion that this ticket is linked to
Source document

Reference ticket number (in returnings it indicates the original ticket)

Start date Ticket start date
End date Ticket End date
Status Receipt status

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Open. Open
    • 1: Paused. Paused
    • 2: Ended. Ended
    • 3: Cancelled. Cancelled
    • 4: Historified.
Procesed Indicates if the receipt has already been procesed

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Modified by employee Employee modified global % dto.

  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Posted ticket

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Note Field to add notes to the ticket.
Hash key Hash key generated for the document
Discount Total discount applied to the ticket
Taxes Tax total amount of the current ticket
Total ticket What the customer is going to pay