1 Payments

Payments of tickets

Type of payments that the employee inform when creating a ticket type with payments flag activated.

The application does not allow closing the ticket until the entire amount of the ticket has been informed through a form of payment. Only reservations can make a partial payment.

The most important parameters of payments are:

  • Code: Value unique, stored at ticket payments.
  • Description: Name that apears at UI application to identify the type of payment.
  • Order: Order to display at UI application.
  • Type: Indicate CASH/OTHER/VOUCHER only type cash add change to ticket payments. Type Voucher when voucher type is informed.
  • Image: Image displayed at application to choose the payment.
  • Catalog: Allow to identify some payments with some stores. Keep empty for all stores.
  • Voucher type: Means that this payment is for vouchers.
  • Gateway: Means that payment has to be authorized by program.
  • Account: Used for accounting process.
  • Status: Active/Drop. Allow activate or deny to use this type of payment.

Label Description
Payment code
Description Description of the payment
Order Payment order
Type Type of payment

  • Default: OTHER
  • Values:
    • CASH: .
Voucher type If this field is informed, the promotion will generate a voucher containing as amount, the amount stated in the field 'reduction'. If it is not informed, then the reduction will be applied directly to the ticket.
Catalog Catalog code
Destiny code Used to match POS code with a possible external aplication.When Ticket is processed to external aplication use this code to mapthe origin code with the destiny code.
Payment gateway

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: No.
    • 1: Yes.
Payment account Payment account for accounting
Image Payment image
Status Status Active/Disabled

  • Default: A
  • Values:
    • A: Active.
    • B: Drop.

  • Default: USER

  • Default: CURRENT

  • Default: USER

  • Default: CURRENT