1 Vouchers


When payment types contains an entry with type voucher, means that POS can generate Vouchers and redeem it.

Voucher are generated at Returrns or promotions and redeem it at Sales.

Vouchers can be partial redeem. Sales with total amount lower than voucher.

The most important parameters of the vouchers are:

  • Ticket Number: (Not required) The ticket number (Return) that create the voucher.
  • Voucher Number: The code identifier of voucher, the code to enter in order to redeem at POS application.
  • Employee identifier: Identifier of employee who create the voucher.
  • Customer identifier: (Not required) When the ticket that generate the voucher has customer then the voucher has the same customer. Used to search or identify a voucher with a customer.
  • Date: When the voucher was generated.
  • Start date: Start date to use the voucher.
  • End date: End date to use the voucher.
  • Voucher value: Total initial amount of voucher.
  • Pending value: Total pending amount of voucher to redeem.
  • State: Open / Cancel (Open means correct,usable / Cancel means not usable)

Aditional info:

Object also show extended info as:

  • Consumed: All Ticket sales that used the voucher to redeem it.

When printing a ticket, system check all vouchers related and print them together.

All redeem vouchers are stored at ticket payments.


Vouchers also can be as gift card.

Label Description
Voucher ID Voucher Identifier
Ticket number
Voucher number
Store code
Voucher type
Employee ID Employee Identifier
Customer ID Customer identifier
Voucher date
Voucher start date Date from which voucher starts to be valid
Voucher due date Date which from voucher is not going to be valid
Voucher value
Pending value Pending value to be consumed
Voucher status

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Open.
    • 1: Canelled.
Cancelled by Ticket number that canceled the voucher
User created

  • Default: USER
Date created

  • Default: CURRENT
User updated

  • Default: USER
Date updated Update date of the register

  • Default: CURRENT

2 Type of vouchers

Types of voucher

Type of vouchers related with vouchers.

The most important parameters of type of vouchers are:

  • Code: Value unique, stored at voucher.
  • Order: Order to display at UI application.
  • Serial: String used to serialize the vouchers like: STORE_CODE/SERIAL/NUMBER.
  • Valid days: Use this value to determine the end date of a voucher of this type.
  • Status: Active/Drop. Allow activate or deny to use this type of payment.

Label Description
Voucher type
Name Type Name
Days valid
Voucher text
Status Status type
Created by User who created the record
Date created
Updated by User who has updated the register
Date updated Update date of the register