The POS Printing system is managed by three entities: terminals, physical devices and models.

The terminals can print tickets, print product labels or send emails of the tickets in pdf or html format. For that purpose, the terminal must be associated with a device. The templates to be used for printing are defined in the terminal.

Devices can be set as the default devices for a terminal, allowing automatic printing without having to select a device. The POS printing system allows you to print tickets, cashaudits and tests.

1 Overview


The system loads some templates at the startup. It is possible to create as many templates as needed.

2 Models

Master of printer models.

Set the models to be use at printer stores.

Also assign the label templates to the model.

The most important parameters of the printer models are:

  • Language: Language used by model printer as (ZPL,EPL,PCL)
  • Notes: Explain about model, set the manual model url.
  • Open cash-box: Comand to open the cash-box after printing a ticket. must be the hexadecimal values separated with coma.

To assign labels to the model just press the button assign at labels list box. This box display the current labels with same language.

Label Description
ID Model Model identifier
Description Printer description
Printer language Language of printer

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: ZPL.
    • 1: EPL. EPL
    • 2: ASCII. ASCII
    • 3: PCL. PCL
Print columns Columns for printing
Paper Weight
Notes Notes and tricks of printer model
Function start
End comand
Line break
Space white Space on white
Paper type Paper size, cut, etc.
Open cash box Open cash box after ticket printing
Font text Font of the text
Bold text
Created by User who created the record

  • Default: USER
Date created

  • Default: CURRENT
Updated by User who updated the record

  • Default: USER
Date updated Update date of the register

  • Default: CURRENT

3 Devices

Phisical devices

Each device must be registered here indicating the location by means of an IP and port or queue, IP and port in the case of having a print manager on the server.

The most important parameters of the printer devices are:

  • Model: Model of printer, EPSON, Zebra...
  • Queue: Only when manager on server printers (CUPS). the code of the printer set at CUPS.
  • IP: IP of CUPS or IP of phisical device printer.
  • Port: Port to use at queue or printer.
  • Gps coordenates: To know the exactly location of device.