1 Stores

Physical store where the terminals are located.

Relevant information for printing tickets.

The most important parameters of the store are:

  • The delegation where it belongs, used to filter reports.
  • The catalog of products, allowingto differentiate products between different stores.
  • The warehouse to which it belongs to be able to manage the stock.
  • The employees who belong to the store and can log in at any terminal in the store.

Ticket serialization is done by store. The number of the ticket contains the code of the store.


Based on the type of document (tickets, invoices, vouchers) and series of document, the store stores the counters.

Label Description
Store code Code of store, must be unique.

  • Case: Upshift
Store name Description used to identify store
Local office code
Collection id
Warehouse Warehouse code
Tax zone ID
TicketBai Store belongs to TicketBai hisenda

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: No.
    • 1: Yes.

The country code already defined in the Terminal section must be selected.

  • Case: Upshift
State State of the store
City City of the store
Postal code
Sales account Sales account for accounting
Account difference against
Account difference favor Account difference in favor for accounting
CIF CIF code, used at print documents.
Address Address of the store
Phone number Phone number of the store
Website Store website
Longitude GPS longitude
Latitude GPS latitude
Status Status of the store

  • Default: 1
  • Case: Upshift
  • Values:
    • 0: Disabled.
    • 1: Active.
Created by User who create the record
Date created

  • Default: CURRENT
Updated by User who performed last update

  • Default: USER
Last date of modification

  • Default: CURRENT