1 Terminal

Each computer device hardware used at shop.

Only in mode POS.

Very important for appplications with cashaudit, because each terminal has his box and audit his box.

Terminal contains the user code that login to the POS application, with this user system will extract all necessary info as:

Store, Catalog, Products, Employees...

The most important parameters of terminals are:

  • Conection user: Must exist at wic_conf Database configuration with permisions.
  • Terminal Name: Name of terminal.
  • Store:Store code where terminal is located.
  • Configuration code: Terminal configuration to set parameters as (Cashaudit,Category counters, tree mode, Various product...).

Also is defined the printers used by this terminal and the templates associates for print tickets, print cashaudits, mail templates, testing printer.

*More info at Printers section.

Label Description
Terminal ID PST Point of Sale Terminal identifier
Terminal name
Mobile configuration code Configuration code of Terminal

  • Case: Upshift
Connection user

Here you define the Axional user who uses an external device to establish the connection with the system when the terminal code is used to identify that device (Sales terminals, android devices, etc.)

In this case, it is not possible to have more than one terminal with the same connection user, that is, a user uniquely identifies a terminal and vice versa.

Created by User who first added the record

  • Default: USER
Date added Date of record creation

  • Default: CURRENT
  • Case: Upshift
Updated by Last user to modify the record

  • Default: USER
Update date Date of most recent record modification

  • Default: CURRENT
  • Case: Upshift

2 Terminal configuration

Terminal configuration for POS application mode.

The most important parameters of configuration are:

  • code: unique value to link at terminals.
  • Description: Name of configuration.
  • Language: Default language of application. Also employee has filed to set his language.
  • View mode: Main POS view
    • Full cart
    • Vertical category
    • Horizontal category
  • Appearance: Application Dark/White
  • Has cashaudit:Means that terminal must open cashaudit before close any ticket, and can perform cashaudit validations. More info at Cashaudit documentation. EPOS
  • Tree mode: category tree mode:
    • Default: Allways display all categories
    • Custom: Only display the selected tree category.
  • Counters: Display number of products by category.
  • Mode cart close: when closing a ticket application will positionet to employees login list.
  • Cart product:

    Product identifier to use for various product at application.

    If this field is informed, application show option 'various product',

    this allow the employee if has role 'various product' to add a product to the card with editable text description and price.

    At ticket line will apppear this product id.

Configuration parameters (JSON)

Besides these parameters, there are many extra options available in the form of a JSON that is stored in the config_params field. This JSON file contains many more fields that are useful to customise the terminal. These fields can be changed and immediately update the frontend. There is a button to restore the changes to default values, and whenever an change is performed to a field of the JSON, a validation check is run, preventing wrong value to be insterted in the JSON.

Label Description
Code Configuration code

  • Case: Upshift
Appearance Appearance of the cart (dark/light)

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Dark.
    • 1: White.
Closed mode cart Closed mode cart (Cart or Login) When ticket the is closed, the program is placedat in the cart or at login.

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: No.
    • 1: Yes.
Ask customer adress

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: No.
    • 1: Yes.
ID "Various" Product
Configuration JSON configuration parameters
Has cashaudit Indicates if the terminal has cashaudit. The program does not allow closing a document (Ticket) until cashaudit is open.

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Counters Display counters (Category, Brands, Providers...)

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Taxfree operator Diva operator (Tax free)
Language code This language code determines the principal language of the application UI, before the selection of the employee.
Low Definition Image Low Definition Image Hash URL
High Definition Image High Definition Image Hash URL
Registry user User who entered the registry

  • Default: USER
Registration date Log entry date

  • Default: CURRENT
Updated by Last user to modify the registry

  • Default: USER
Update date Date of most recent modification

  • Default: CURRENT

3 Configutarion parameters

There is a column in the table pos_terminal_configuration that provides the app with a wide variety of customisable properties. The column config_parameters consists of a JSON file that has the following structure:

    "private": {
        "session": 15,                                 
        "filter": {                                    
            "suggestionLimit": 10,                     
            "brandsLimit": 100,                        
            "providersLimit": 100,                     
            "featuresLimit": 100,                      
            "concurrenceOrder": true                   
        "product": {
            "tagColor": "#00BCD4",                     
            "carousel": {
                "limit": 10                            
        "lists": {
            "closed": {                                
                "limit": 50
            "paused": {                                
                "limit": 50
            "booking": {                               
                "limit": 50
            "cashaudit": {                             
                "limit": 50
            "voucher": {                               
                "limit": 50
            "customer": {                              
                "limit": 50
            "lastTickets": {                           
                "limit": 5
    "public": {
        "colors": {
            "customerColor": "#000000",                
            "ticketOrigColor": "#000000",              
            "questionGroupColor": "#000000",           
            "priceColor": "#C03030",                   
            "movementsAutomaticColor": "#b0bec5",      
            "movementsManualColor": "#cfd8dc",         
            "historyColorPrevious": "#90a4ae",         
            "historyColorCurrent": "#b0bec5",          
            "historyColorNext": "#cfd8dc",             
            "navigationDrawer": {                      
                "lists": "#e65100",
                "products": "#f57c00",
                "cash": "#ff9800",
                "management": "#ffb74d",
                "movements": "#ffe0b2"
        "filter": {
            "products": {
                "productsLimit": 20,
                "showPrice": true,
                "showScore": true,
                "viewMode": 9,
                "listMode": false,
                "listHeight": 70,
                "paginationMode": false
            "tree": {
                "width": 250
        "availableSoon": {
            "timeColor": "#FFFFFF",
            "messageBoxRunningColor": "#D32F2F",
            "messageBoxEndColor": "#2E7D32"
        "corporative_info": {
            "bar": {
                "height": 15,
                "color": "linear-gradient(to left, #ffc046, #c56000)"
            "navigationBar": {
                "width": 250,
                "color": "#232F34"
            "corporative": "#344955",
            "primary": "#232F34",
            "secondary": "#F9AA33",
            "error": "#B71C1C",
            "warning": "#d84315",
            "searchIcon": "#F9AA33"
        "employee": {
            "image_size": 70,
            "hideImageAt": 400
        "product": {
            "showTabsAt": 3,
            "descriptionOutsideTab": false,
            "tagOutlined": false,
            "oneCombinationAsList": 1,
            "combinationAsItems": 1,
            "maxScore": 5,
            "packColor": "#1976d2",
            "carouselFlat": true,
            "carouselAlign": "center"
        "catalog": {
            "buyFromIcon": true,
            "promotionColor": "#c03030",
            "avaliableSoonImage": 0,
            "rateColor": "#F57F17",
            "itemWidth": 130,
            "scoreStarSize": 18
        "ticketHistory": {
            "colorPrevious": "#90a4ae",
            "colorCurrent": "#b0bec5",
            "colorNext": "#cfd8dc"

All the fields in the JSON modify the app in one way or another. The following table summarizes what is every field used for in the application.

Item Use
session Number of minutes that the session will be valid for when the employee is inactive
SuggestionLimit Limit of suggested product names when searching through the top bar
brandsLimit Limit of brands shown in the filter page
providersLimit Limit of providers shown in the filter page
featuresLimit Limit of features shown in the filter page
concurrenceOrder If true order the list by concurrence, else order it alphabetically
tagColor Default color for the product tag
limit Product limit at the carousels list
limit Limit of closed tickets list
limit Limit of paused tickets list
limit Limit of booking tickets list
limit Limit of closed cash audits list
limit Limit of last closed tickets list shown in Sale Page.
This section is incomplete and will be finished as soon as possible