1 Datawarehouse


The system offers a sales analytics system.

To do this, it processes the completed tickets correctly and stores the results in 3 groups. Products, Stores, Customers.

For each group there is a data pyramid adding the values for days, weeks, months and years.

Once a ticket is processed to datawarehouse the status change to historified.

1.1 Regeneration of Datawarehouse

This object is used in order to see and run the DWH regeneration task. This task removes all the entries from the DWH tables where the date is greater (or equal) than the year selected, and then loads them.

It is to notice that this process run through all the 'pos_ticketh' rows, and thus if this table has many rows, this process can take long to finish.

The process is launched using the blue button in the lower left corner of the screen, and selecting a year.

2 Analytics

2.1 Yearly report

2.2 Report by period

2.3 Stores comparision

2.4 Categories - Promos

2.5 Stores vs Categories

2.6 Stores vs Categories matrix


4 Desktop portal templates

4.1 POS User (Terminal)

4.2 POS Administrator