1 Categories

Categories related with products

Use this form to manage categories available to products.

Application UI display a tree with category information, to help with product search.

When product is related with a category, product also is related with parent categories recursively.

The most important parameters of categories are:

  • Code: Value unique, category code.
  • Name: Main description of category. System also let add ideomatic descriptions and extended information about category.
  • Parent: Identifier of category parent.
  • Active: Active/Drop. Allow activate or deny to use this category.
  • Position: Order to display the category inside the tree.
  • Catalog: It allows defining a category for a specific catalog, then each store can have its own category tree.
  • Count: Number of products related with this catalog.
  • Sales account: Sales account for accounting.
  • Promo account: Sales account for promotions.

Actions related with categories:

  • Add ideomatic description, with extended information, displayed at application UI.
  • Actualize number of products related with category.
  • Move category and descendant in the category tree.
  • Add image of category, displayed at application UI.

Label Description
Category ID
Category code
Category description
Parent category Id
Is active

  • Default: 1
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Category position Position of the category

  • Default: 0
Number of products Number of products of the category (including category sons)
Sales account Sales account for accounting
Promotion account Promotion account for accounting
Created by User who created the record
Date created
Updated by User who updated the record
Date updated