1 Overview


2 Combinations

To determine the possible combinations of the products, the system provides us with a master of combinations with their respective values, such as size, color, capacity ...

These combinations are assigned to the product, then we can determine which sizes or which colors or ... are available for a product.

Application UI, display all possibilities and let know and choose the product combination at product detayled view, before adding to ticket.

The most important parameters of combinations are:

  • Generic name: Main name of combination. The system also allows adding an ideomatic name.
  • Position: Order to display at UI application.
  • Combination mapping: Relation with column at pos_combination_rel.
  • Type: Text / Color.

The system starts with 4 possible mapping columns, if needed more combinations then the table 'pos_combination_rel' needs to be modified with more columns by a technician.

* Table pos_combination_rel can't delete rows. Table pos_product_combninations can delete rows.

Label Description
Combination ID ID of the combination
Combination generic name Generic name of the combination
Combination position Position of combination
Combination type Combination type. Distinguishes between text (for sizes) and colors

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Text. Text
    • 1: Color. Color

3 Product combinations generator

Set the combinations of an product when the product is not simple. Access to main product management and press the tab 'Combinations generator' to add and remove product combinations.

Display all available combination values.

Select the current combinations for the product by clicking at Add link, then press the button generate combinations.

Process verify if selected combination exists for product and if not add row at product combination.

Display a box with current product combinations.

Button delete all coombinations to remove current product combinations.

4 Product Combinations

Product combination management.

All combinations of an product can be manage here.

Product can be simple or multiple.

Simple means that has only one combination and is unique.

Multiple means that product has one or various combinations. EX: Size and Colors.

The most important parameters of the combination management are:

  • Supplier reference: Only informative not used by application.
  • Location: Only informative not used by application.
  • EAN128: Code EAN of product combination, searchable at application UI. Product can have more than one EAN for the same product combination, but EAN must be unique by one product.
  • UPC: Code UPC of product combination, searchable at application UI. This case product has only one code UPC by product and must be unique. Use to be the code EAN of provider.
  • Cost: The cost of product combination, used at analytics to extract the profit.
  • Retail price: The price of product combination with taxes. This is the main price displayed at application UI without promotions or discounts. Important!!! product combination without retail price don't appears at applicartion.
  • Width: Product combination width.
  • Height: Product combination height.
  • Depth: Product combination depth.
  • Weight: Product combination weight.
  • Retail price impact: Unit price impact with taxes. extra cost retail.
  • Is default: Only informative not used.
  • Min. quantity: Minimum quantity to be purchased.
  • MAx. quantity: Maximum quantity to be purchased.
  • Out of stock: Indicative that product is not available. Utility at Ecommerce to display product not available. Lock sale until the falg is not activated.
  • Available date: Date when product is available. Utility at Ecommerrce. Product not available but display the date when is available.
  • Active: Flag to activate or deactivate product combinattion. Then appear or not at application UI.

Main actions related with product combination are:

  • Add catalog price: Allow to add an specific price for an catalog realted with store.
  • Items pack: It allows adding a list of products, then the combination of the product is a pack. In the application, when this product combination is added, the list of products defined as a pack is actually added.
  • Set stock: Allow to set the product combination stock for an warehouse and location.

Label Description
Combination ID ID of the combination
Product ID
Relation ID ID of the relation
Supplier reference Supplier's reference of the combination
Location Supplier's location
EAN code EAN code of the combination
UPC code UPC code of the combination
Cost How much the combination has costed to the seller
Retail price Main product price with taxes

Sales Number of sales for this product combination
Width (cm) Width of the combination, in cm
Height (cm) Height of the combination, in cm
Thick (cm)
Depth (cm) Depth of the combination, in cm
Weight Weight of the combination, in kg
Retail price impact Unit price retail impact (some products has extra price for shipping or special retail)
Is default Indicates if the combination is the default combination of the product

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Product Units
Minimum quantity
Maximum quantity
Out of stock

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: No.
    • 1: Yes.
Available date Indicates from what date the product is going to be available for selling
Is active Indicates if the combination is active or unsubscribed

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.
Creation user

  • Default: USER
Creation date

  • Default: CURRENT
Update by User who updated the record

  • Default: USER
Update date

  • Default: CURRENT

4.1 Packs

Utility to add items to an product combination. As packs.

Before adding product to cart, system eval if current product combination has items-packs, if true then instead of adding to ticket the product combination add the related products as packs.

Example: We register a product such as 'beauty treatment' in which we assign the packs (products) facial cream, hand cream, facial mask ...

System automatically set the retail price with the sumatory of retail price of products-pack.

Application UI, display the main product with an icon (is pack)

when adding the product to the cart, it actually adds the related products as packs

The most important parameters of the products pack are:

  • Order: Order to be added at cart.
  • Product + combination: The product combination to be adedd.
  • Quantity The quantity to be added.