1 Future prices manager

Utility to prepare future prices of products.

Preload of products and their respective retail prices from a certain date.

A global daily process eval if exist future prices and execute a process to automatically update the product retail price.

Prepare when start the price modification and set the list of products manually.

This way it's full manually, to generate a future price loading multiple products read about Future prices generator here.

The most important parameters are:

  • Code: Internal value to refer the future price. Must be unique.
  • Description: Description of the future price.
  • Effective date Date to apply the new prices.
  • Status: Internal value to know if it's processed or not.

Set the list of products manually by accesing to future price lines.

Label Description
Header ID Header identifier
Future price batch code Future price of batch code

  • Case: Upshift
Effective date

  • Default: 1
  • Values:
    • 0: Disabled.
    • 1: Active.
    • 2: Processed.
Status message
Creation user User Created

  • Default: USER
Creation date

  • Default: CURRENT
Update by User who updated the record

  • Default: USER
Update date

  • Default: CURRENT

2 Future prices generator

Utility to generate future prices of products.

Object has variables to filter products and get a list of products.

Variables to filter (All are construct variables):

  • Product code
  • Category code (Products that belongs to the category code)
  • Catalog code (categories that belongs to the catalog code)
  • Provider code (Products that belongs to the provider code)
  • Brand code (Products that belongs to the brand code)

Button to generate a future prices code with the list of result products.

After create the list of products to an future prices. Access to the future prices management and set the prices for each product.