1 Overview


2 Tax types

The different types of taxes are stored in pos_taxes. They are not unique, since their import percentage can change with date.

Label Description
Tax ID Tax identifier
Tax code
Tax name
Import % Tax percentage amount
Tax account
Date initial Tax date initial
Date end Tax date end

3 Tax keys

Products have associated a tax key, depend on their nature.

Label Description
Key ID Tax key identifier
Code Tax key code
Name Tax key name

In the product form:

4 Tax zones

Taxes also depend on the zone where the item is sold. They are called tax zones.

One country may have more than one tax zone, for example in Spain there are the ESCO zone (España Continental) and the ESIC zone (España Islas Canarias, Ceuta y Melilla).

Also, one zone can a group more than one country, as the European Union (EUR).

Each store has associated one tax zone.

Label Description
Zone ID Tax zone identifier
Zone code Tax zone code
Zone name Tax zone name

5 Tax operations

Finally, with the parameterization of the product keys, tax zones and type of taxes, tax operations can be defined.

Label Description
Operation ID Tax operation identifier
Zone ID Tax zone identifier
Key ID Tax key identifier
Tax Code

6 Example

A normal product, for example S00002, has has associate the tax key NOR.

If it is sold in a store in the ESCO zone (España Continental), it will have the "Normal IVA" tax, whose currently has associated a percentage of 21%.

But, if it is sold in the ISIC zone, it will have the "Normal IGIC" tax, whose currently has associated a 7%.