1 Log of process

Processes where you want to store the execution for the analysis of times, executions and errors.

This maintenance allows the processes to record the execution and the errors that may occur.

Standard processes such as transferring tickets to the datawarehouse or uploading products to Redis use this table to store the executions.

There are automatic processes that analyze the table in search of records with errors in order to send an email reporting errors.

*Technicians must first analyze whether a process is convenient to carry out through this functionality.

Label Description
Identifier Process Identifier
Table name Table name of the process
Process name File name with path
User User of the process
Rows Number of rows processed

  • Default: 0
Errors Number of erros

  • Default: 0
Date start Date start of the process

  • Default: CURRENT
Date end Date end of the process
Notes Notes of the process


2 Excel loader

Utility to load multiple products and product params to system using an excel template.

Before using this utility it is recommended to enter the product categories in the system.

The object contains an xls template that is created in the system startup.

This template can be downloaded to start a new load.

This template contains 3 sheets.

  • Products: Where we will introduce the products that we want to load.
  • Categories: List of categories assignable to the list of products.
  • Customers: List of customers to update or create.

* This maintenance contains a button to update the template, this will fill the category sheet with the existing ones in the system. Also create columns with combinations defined at system as (color, sizes...)


  1. Update the template using button.
  2. Download the template using the link.
  3. Fill the excel with the products and save as xls.
  4. Create a new entry at this form, set the code, name and load the excel.
  5. Process using button process.

* Process create or update excel data to system using JS program pos_excel_data_header_process.

* When process ends, display information of products processed and rows failed.

* Contact a technician if the error is unknown.

Excel template columns:

  • Product code Code of product.(*Required)
  • Catalog code Choose from list the catalog where product belongs.(*Required)
  • Product name Main non ideomatic product description.(*Required)
  • Provider code Choose from list.
  • Brand code Choose from list.
  • Category code Choose from list.(*Required)
  • EAN code Code EAN 128 of product combination.
  • UPC code Code UPC of product combination.
  • Tax group Choose from list.
  • Columns of system combinations Created with template update.
  • Cost price cost of product combination.
  • Retail price Retail price of product combination.(*Required)
  • Width: Product combination width.
  • Height: Product combination height.
  • Depth: Product combination depth.
  • Weight: Product combination weight.
  • Min. quantity: Minimum quantity to be purchased.
  • MAx. quantity: Maximum quantity to be purchased.
  • Available date: Date when product is available.
  • Active [A] Active / [B] Drop (*Required)

Label Description
Identifier File Identifier
File name
File type

  • Default: type(file_data)
File size File Size

  • Default: size(file_data)
File status

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Pending.
    • 1: Processed.
User created User Created

  • Default: USER
Date created

  • Default: CURRENT

3 Image loader

The system provides the possibility of uploading multiple images of the articles, through a compressed folder with the images referenced with the article code.

1) Preparation of zip file:

Create a folder that contains the images of the articles with a resolution (between 10 Kb and 50 Kb), the name of the image must be the article code. If there are more than one image per product, these images must be appended with a number, between parentheses.


productCode1.jpg, productCode2.png, productCode1(2).jpg, productCode1(3).png, productCode2(2).jpg

Compress the folder in zip format.

2) Inserting the zip file:

Save the zip file in the form, set a file name, must be unique.

3) Processing:

Form display a button to process the current row. Foreach image-file search the product using the product code as file name and insert or update the existing product image.

4) Result:

Object display aresult with number of images processed or with errors.

Label Description
File name
FIle data
File type

  • Default: type(file_data)
File size

  • Default: size(file_data)
File status

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Pending.
    • 1: Processed.
User created

  • Default: USER
Date created

  • Default: CURRENT

4 Update category tree

5 Cron process

For easy digestion of synchronization or data processing processes.

The system provides us with a JS program 'pos_cron_process' that will be executed in the machine's cron.

The program runs every 15 minutes although the processes that are carried out can be configured to be executed at a specific time or on a specific day.

If the installation needs to run extra processes, this main process must be taken into account and the necessary processes added.

function pos_cron_process(keep_log_days, mail_list)

This function unifies the cron tasks of the DB-POS.

It is executed every X minutes, and it evalutes if the sub-functions have to be executed

To insert a new function, update the list 'processList':

  • { task : NAME OF THE TASK
  • hour[] : Hour and minute of the day to be executed
  • every : minute interval at which it has to be executed
  • args[] : arguments of the function. If none, empty array
  • type: type of task to be executed ('js', 'procedure','function') }

*Note: That the tasks can only have hour-minute or 'every'. If they have both, the process will be executed at the time interval indicated by 'every', and ignore the hour and minute.

Program standard executions:

  • Redis sugget products.
  • Data warehouse execution (Proccess ended tickets to feed datawarehouse tables).
  • Future prices (Updates product combinations prices as parametrized in table pos_future_prices_item).
  • Redis products.
  • Packs update prices.
  • Product on sale update.
  • Redis log errors mail.
  • Log of process erros mail.