Master tables of languages, countries, dictionary are explained at this section.

1 Languages

Regsiter languages used by application.

Languages are refered to all descriptions as products, labels, payments, employees just to set an ideomatic application.

System startup with some languages as english, spanish...

Label Description
Code Language code
Language Language description
Order Display order

  • Default: 1
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.

2 Countries

Regsiter countries used by application.

Countries are related to stores and customers.

System startup with some countries

The most important parameters of the countries are:

  • Code Code of country (CHAR 3). Must be unique.
  • Code 2 Code ISO of country (CHAR 2). Must be unique.
  • Name Name of country
  • SAFT-PT Standard Audit File for Tax at Portugal. The system performs a special treatment of the tickets of stores with this country..

*Important parameter in the calculation of product tax.

Label Description
Country code
Country code ISO alpha-2
Country name

Code used to identify national currency (euro, dollar, pound, etc.)

SAF-T certificate

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: false.
    • 1: true.

3 Dictionary

Utility to be able to customize the descriptions in the UI application.

In this way menus, buttons and descriptions can be ideomatic and can be modified.

Label Description
Language Code
Label Code Label of the code
Label Description Description of the label

  • Values:
    • 1: SHOP. SHOP
    • 2: ECOM. ECOM