1 Warehouse

Register the wharehouses used by application.

In mode POS. Stores have one warehouse assigned. Then when store end tickets, system set the product stock of the wharehouse of the store.

The tipology of ticket indicates if stock has to be updated or not.

Used at movements (Read more at POS movements section).

The most important parameters of the warehouse are:

  • Code: Code of warehouse, must be unique.
  • Name: Name of the warehouse
  • Status: Active / Drop

Object also display all stock-products.

*Not implemented at ECOM application

Label Description
Warehouse code
Warehouse name Warehouse description
Status Warehouse status

  • Default: A
  • Values:
    • A: Active.
    • B: Drop.

2 Stock

Register the product combination stock at location warehouses.

In the EPOS module there are several processes that update the stock, the tickets when their type indicates it can increase in case of returns or decrease the stock in the case of sales of the warehouse assigned to the store that makes the ticket. The procedure that performs this update is 'pos_stock_actualize'.

The movements also update the store's warehouse stock through adjustments, counts, inputs or outputs. (Read more in the EPOS movements section).

The most important parameters of the stock are:

  • Warehouse Code: Code of warehouse.
  • Product: Identifier of product
  • combination: Identifier of combination
  • Location: Location in warehouse
  • Stock: units

* Product combination management has a button to set stock of the selected product for an specifc warehouse.

Label Description
Warehouse code
Product ID Product Identifier
Combination ID Combination ientifier
Location Location of the product/combination inside the warehouse

  • Default: 0
Stock Available stock

* Flow process of procedure pos_stock_actualize when ticket is valid ended.