As long as a ticket is open and not paused, all the products that are selected and added to the cart will be displayed on the home screen, regardless of the search method used to find the desired products. This screen is accessible by clicking on the Home icon.

1 Adding products

The system offers various methods to add catalog products to the cart which are described below.

1.1 By the EAN code

When the employee knows the EAN code, the most effective way to add the product to the cart is by the EAN search tool. It requires an exact match between the search code and the search text. Once the code has been entered, one unit of the product is automatically added to the cart.

1.2 Product detail

Once a simple product has been selected and displayed in detail, regardless of the search method used, the ADD TO CART button is enabled. By selecting the desired quantity and pressing the ADD TO CART button, the product is added to the cart.

If this product is multiple, that is, it includes combinations, it is necessary to select one of the combinations for the ADD TO CART button to be enabled.

Write or select the number of units to be added and press the button ADD TO CART. If the product is ON SALE, the discount is automatically applied.

See that the cart icon on the top menu indicates the total number of units added to the cart.


The amount shown in the add cart area corresponds to the price of one unit of the selected product. When more units are selected, this amount does not change. To see the total amount if more than one unit is selected, it is necessary to access the home screen, where the ticket details are displayed. Click on the Home icon to access the home screen.

1.3 Suggestion bar

Once the name of the product or indication of it in the search engine has been entered, several products that have a reference to the entered product will be displayed, showing characteristics, brand, capacity and several other options to make it easier for the customer to find the ideal product

1.4 Show all product

When selecting the magnifying glass icon, the system will show all the products that are registered in the store, something similar to the previous step, in turn, the products can be displayed ascending and descending with respect to the price, in the same way the products will be added once you press the Add to cart button and have chosen a combination if necessary.

2 Various product

In some circumstances, the employee may be forced to enter a product that is not in the catalog. On these occasions, it is possible to add the product called Various. This product will take each time the name and the price that the employee enters in these fields.