A cash audit is a process by which you compare the sales records with the amount of money in cash, vouchers, returns and card payments. In this process, the current amount on the cash-drawer is reported minus the initial amount. The purpose of a cash audit is to look for accounting mistakes and try to rectify them.

This option is only available if the store has the Cash audit option enabled, which allows performing the terminal cashaudit.

When a cash audit is performed, the system requires the employee to inform the initial amount available at the terminal.

The reports generated by the cash audits, which are the result of verifying the declared and actual amount, can be retrieved and printed.

1 Cashaudit

1.1 Updating initial amount

Previous to any operation, it is necessary to declare the initial amount.


  • Select the Cash initial amount on the top main menu .
  • Open initial amount before any operation: the current initial amount is displayed.
  • If necessary edit the initial amount and press the UPDATE button.

1.2 Cash audit process


  • Select the Cash audit on the top main menu .
  • Enter the amounts for cash and card payment methods and press the VERIFY button: the system displays a list with the current status.

  • When the employee has the role Cash audit info, the system displays the theoretical amounts.
  • This employee can close, cancel, modify, check and print by default printer the current cash audit report.
  • It is also possible for the employee to retrieve and print closed cash audit reports (see following chapter).

Once cash audit is closed, it can't be modified.

1.3 Closed cash audits

The employees with the adequate role can display the list of the closed cash audits reports. This way they can get the information or reprint them.


  • To recover the closed cash audit report, access the Closed cachaudit option from the top main menu . The system displays the list of all closed cash audits sorted by date. Click on the printer icon of the desired report to be printed.

2 Cash-drawer

If the system has the command in the terminal, the cash-drawer opens every time the cash audit is printed.

If employees have an adequate role, they can open manually open the cash-drawer by selecting the Open cash-drawer on the top main menu .