The employees will be the users of the application, so they must have been previously registered in it. Because not all employees have the same responsibilities, it is possible to configure the system to restrict the options that the application displays to each employee.

1 Employees login

After launching the application, the employee Log In window opens. Users can only access if they have been previously defined as employees.

To enter the application, select the profile that corresponds to your user.

2 Employee password

The employee login can be protected with a password. This password can be modified by the employee configuration.

After the login has been performed, you will stay logged in except for inactivity if it exceeds 15 minutes.

3 Employee configuration

This option offers three options:

  • Modify Name
  • Modify Language: this field adjusts the language in which the application will be shown in the UI. Select between english, catalan or spanish.
  • Change password: change your profile password to log in

4 Employee role

A role is assigned to each employee. This role grants the employee a series of privileges to do or not do different actions, such as modify discounts or prices.

The possible functions are:

  • Warehouse movements permission: it allows to create movements.
  • Cash audit full info: all info of the system during cash audit, showing the theoretical amount.
  • Edit customer data.
  • Manage employees: Add/Edit/Remove employees of the shop.
  • Modify discount on tickets.
  • Modify payments of closed tickets.
  • Modify price on tickets.
  • Add customers.
  • Open cash drawer.
  • Modify printer configuration.
  • Cash audit full list: all store's terminals cash audits.
  • Add or manage the product 'Various'.
  • Access full vouchers list.
  • Generate invoice from the closed tickets.

5 Manage employees

Depending on the role assigned to the employee profile, the function manage employees may be available in the left menu as Employees . This feature allows you to perform various actions related to employees: edit, create, add or delete.

5.1 Edit current store employees

From this option, it is possible to edit some properties of the employees assigned to the current store. These options are: change the language, change the rol, change the password or remove the employee from the current store.

5.2 Create new employee

To create a new employee, press the NEW EMPLOYEE button in the Employees option. The following information must be defined: name*, code*, password and role. The "Repeat password" field is only required * if a password has been added.

5.3 Add existing employee

An employee, which already existed in the application, can be reassigned to the current store. Press the EXISTING EMPLOYEE button in the Employees option, and press the ADD icon of the desired employee.