Employees have several tools that make that the process of searching for products becomes easier. They are easy-to-use search tools so that the employees can quickly find what they need.

1 Searching for products

The system has several search tools to find a specific product. Search tools streamline the search for products. Depending on the information available to the employee, they may use one tool or another.

  1. Search by the suggestion bar
  2. EAN code search tool
  3. Show all products

1.1 Searching by the suggestion bar

By integrating suggestion technology, the top bar shows the employee suggestions for products whose definition (name, code, etc.) matches with the search text. This makes searching for products faster and easier as it does not require the employee to remember the exact name (except for the EAN code or the UPC).

Search products by:

  • Product code (contains coincidence)
  • Product name (contains coincidence)
  • Product name idiomatic (contains coincidence)
  • Product model (contains coincidence)
  • EAN code or UPC (exact match)
  • Product tag name (exact match)

* Try by Redis search if not Sql search.

Each result is direct access to the product. If there are possible combinations, only the lowest and the highest prices are displayed.

1.1.1 Sorting and filtering the results

The search might return a single result, but sometimes it shows a large number of products that matched the employee search criteria. To reduce the number of results, the system offers different options.

  1. Category filter: on the left side of the screen, the application shows all the possible categories. The selection of a category or subcategory reduces the results to those products belonging to that category.
  2. Brand filter: on the left side of the screen, the application shows all the possible brands. The selection of a brand reduces the results to those products belonging to that brand.
  3. Provider filter: on the left side of the screen, the application shows all the possible providers. The selection of a provider reduces the results to those products belonging to that brand.
  4. Sorting: on the right side of the screen, the sorting menu offers two sorting criteria:
    • Price: from low to high
    • Price: from high to low

1.2 EAN code search tool

This search tool is very reliable but not very intuitive, as it requires an exact match between the search code and the search text. It is the most efficient method when the employee knows this code.

Search products by:

  • EAN code (Equals): European Article Number
  • UPC code (Equals): Product Tag Name


When a product is selected by the EAN CODE SEARCH TOOL, one unit of the EAN product is automatically added to the cart.

1.3 Show all products

By pressing this option, all the products that are in the store will be shown with their respective price, there is also the option to show the products according to the price, that is, in an ascending and descending way.

2 Product Detail

Once an item has been selected, it is possible to view the product in detail: description, images, combinations, prices, etc. From here it is also possible to add the product to the shopping cart or view the products related to the one selected.

2.1 Product info

Not all products have the same information. All the information that may be available when a product is selected is:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Price
  • Images
  • Possible combinations
  • Extra information
  • Tags
  • Related products
  • Promotions
  • Provider
  • Brand

2.2 Images

A product may or may not have images:

  • If there are no product images, the application shows the icon corresponding to image not available.
  • If a product has an image, it is displayed in the center of the screen: hovering over it, that area of the image is enlarged.
  • If a product has multiple images, one is displayed in the center of the screen as the main image while the others are displayed as thumbnails on the left side. When you select a thumbnail, either with the pointer or the scroll arrows, the image selected becomes the main image of the product.

2.3 Combinations selector

If the product has combinations, the application shows the name of each of them so that they are already selectable. The prices initially displayed in a combination correspond to the lowest and the highest prices of the combination elements. When a combination is selected, only the corresponding price and characteristics are displayed.

2.4 Adding to cart

When a product or a combination of a product has been selected, the ADD TO CART option is enabled. Write or select the number of units to be added and press the button ADD TO CART. If the product is ON SALE, the discount is automatically applied.

See that the cart icon on the top menu indicates the total number of units added to the cart.


The amount shown in the add cart area corrersponds to the price of one unit of the selected product. When more units are selected, this amount does not change. To see the total amount if more than one unit is selected, it is necessary to access the home screen, were the ticket details are displayed. Click on the Home icon to acces the home screen.

2.5 Print Label


This section is incomplete and will be concluded as soon as possible.

2.6 Extra information

Sometimes we can find more specific information about the product in the tabs. Each tab is a different topic related to the product.

2.7 On Sale button

The price that the product selected shows on the screen is the price without any type of discount. If the product is On sale, clicking on the ON SALE button the discount applied to the original price of the product is shown in a pop up window.

Sometimes the discount is only applicable if an appropriate minimum quantity is ordered. This quantity of units is also shown in the on sale button window.

2.8 Reporting

Products are provided with reports.

In this example, it is possible to know the available stock of the product and in which warehouse it is available by selecting the STOCK option from the drop-down menu. Another possible action is EAN, which shows the EAN code for that specific product.