The POS application allows access to the closed tickets list of the store. From this list, it is possible to search for a specific ticket and to recover it.

Once the ticket is recovered from the list, the system displays the complete and detailed information about the ticket. It is also possible to generate a PDF file of the ticket.

The detailed information of the ticket shows information about the origin and destination of the ticket and the information about the vouchers.

1 See closed tickets

To access the list of closed tickets, click on the drop-down menu LIST located at the top left, and select the option Closed tickets.

The application displays all tickets in reverse order of creation so that the first ticket in the list is the last ticket generated in the store.

Displace applied filters located at the top right of the list. In turn, you can add or remove the type of filter with which you want to search in Add another filter and apply them by clicking on Apply filters.

  • Related to the ticket: ticket, EAN, note
  • Related to the customer: code, ID Card, Phone

Once the ticket is selected, the screen shows the ticket in detail. From this screen it is possible, if the employee has the appropriate role, to carry out the following actions:

  • Detailed invoice: employees can generate a ticket invoice when the customer data is provided to the system. Requires a specific role.
  • Taxfree: this option is available when the application system has defined a tax-free operator. It is used to generate DIVA tax-free tickets.
  • Send ticket: it sends the ticket by email, using the ticket PDF template and the HTML template.
  • Download PDF: it can generate a PDF file of the ticket using the PDF template that can be downloaded.
  • Print ticket: it can print the ticket. It offers the printing options: print ticket, gift ticket and gift ticket per unit.

1.1 Modify payment method

Only in the event that the employee has the appropriate role and that a cash audit has not been performed, the system allows modifying the payment method of the ticket.


  1. Click on the change icon , located at the end of the payment type line.
  2. Click on the top of the displayed window to see the change options.
  3. To At the bottom you can modify the amount, then click on Change and view the modification