1 Definition

The debug screen allows the user to view error messages, either programming or controlled errors. Also, through this screen it is possible to know the information of other parameters such as the variables defined in the environment of the form that is being consulted, or those global variables.

This screen is accessible from any Axional Terminal R2020 form. To go to this screen, select the "debug" option, located in the bottom of the screen.

2 Debug screen tabs

The debug screen is divided into 2 tabs:

2.1 DATA tab

This tab serves as a help for the user to visualize:

  • Script vars: variables defined at form level, which are only declared and used in this context.

  • Global vars, defined in the CONFIG FORM or in some other form, and that can be used in any of the forms.

2.2 CONSOLE tab

This tab allows you to display uncontrolled error messages when running programs.

This is useful for users with the appropriate technical knowledge to be able to take action accordingly.