If the user has the necessary permissions, it is possible to define and parameterize the RF menus.

Menu items can be defined as a tree, i.e. each menu item can be called from another menu item. In turn, a menu item can call another menu item, or a form directly.

If several menu items have the same parent in common, they belong to the same group or environment. Also, the number of parents between a menu item and the root determines the level at which it is located.

1 Create a menu tree

1.1 Definition

To define a menu item, fill in the following fields

Label Description
menu_code (*) Root code to which the menu item belongs.
menu_name (*) Short description of the menu item.
menu_parent_id If this item is called from another menu item, the menu_id of the parent is indicated here.
menu_position (*) Relative position within the parent.
form_id ID code of the form to be called from the menu item.

(*) these are required fields

As the menu items are entered, the tree diagram is displayed.

In addition to the user control data and date of creation and update, the following fields are displayed

Label Description
menu_id Menu item identifier. This field is useful in order to associate to a parent menu item

1.2 Move selected to current

If required, it is possible to associate a menu item to its corresponding parent. To do this use the MOVE SELECTED TO CURRENT button.

In the following example, the "Children test" menu item will be associated to the "Parent test" menu item. The first step is to place the application cursor at the position of the parent. It is possible to identify the cursor position in the view and the tree graph with the highlighted point.

Then, select the menu item to associate, and press the MOVE SELECTED TO CURRENT button.

As a result, the "Children test" menu item is associated with the "Parent test" menu item.

1.3 Set position

A menu item is allowed to change position (including its children) within the same group or environment, using the SET POSITION button.

In the following example, the menu item "Parent test" including the child item "Children test" will be moved from the current position (3), to a new position (6).

To accomplish this, select the menu item to move followed by pressing the SET POSITION button.

The position to which the menu item will be moved must be specified

The menu item including its children move to te new position (6)

It is only possible to set position within the same level. That is, within the tree structure it is not allowed to move up and down levels.