A submenu embedded in a form allows other specific forms to be executed, so that related tasks are performed and on completion return to the original form.

1 Create a submenu

1.1 Create a main form

Create a form in which the following submenu will be incorporatedt.

For this example, a form called " devtest_mainform" is created.

A test field is recorded.

1.2 Create subforms

Create three forms. These will be invoked from the submenu, so we can consider them as subforms of the main form.

For this example, the subforms " devtest_subform1", " devtest_subform2" and " devtest_subform3" are created. Each with a test field.

1.3 Assignment of subforms

Go to the main form and then to the " Form Menus" tab."

Enter the subforms with the order to be displayed in the submenu.

menu_order menu_name menu_form
10 Title of subform 1 devtest_subform1
20 Title of subform 2 devtest_subform2
30 Title of subform 3 devtest_subform3

2 Access to submenu

To access the submenu during execution, access the form from the terminal. To access the submenu, use the " menu" option of this form.

Select the subform to be executed

When it exits the subform, it will return to the form from which it was invoked.