Form groups are freely-defined sets of fields. A form may contain several groups. By default, the program iterates the last group when it reaches the end.

1 Groups structure

The stucture of groups is rather simple:

Label Description
ID Identifier
Group code
Description Description of group code
Condition Hide condition

Each group can contain multiple buttons that only will be enabled when the group is active

2 Example of form groups

The form stores data related to a main document code. The document is only reported the first time, while each iteration keeps the value filled in the document, which remains displayed in the form

2.1 Create the fields of the form

Each apps_wms_formatl must belong to a group, a group can contain multiple apps_wms_formatls:

Create the fields of the form
Field var_document into group 1 Field var_item into group 2 Field var_quantity into group 2
Add field 'var_document' into group 1. Add field 'var_item' into group 2. Add field 'var_quantity' into group 2.

Iterations form

Program will clear data of last group and positioning to the first field of last group.

3 Button previous group

During the iterations of the form we can access the previous group by using the application button. So we can enter a value from a field that is retained.

In the following example a form with 3 groups:

  1. Location
  2. Bucket
  3. Item

The operator retells locations and buckets. As a location there are several buckets, operator goes back in groups to modify buckets or locations.

3.1 Create the form head

3.2 Create a group

3.3 Create the fields of the form

4 Group buttons

  • A group can have a collection of action buttons.
  • The buttons can be enabled or disabled at runtime.
  • Allows execute actions during the form input or redirect to other form
  • To execute an action is necessary inform button_action. To execute a form is necessary inform form_code.
  • Auto launch flag indicates to execute the action or the form automatically without pressing the button.

In this example the operator works around a location, placing product on the same. Two buttons will be added to the group. one button for block location, indicating that it's full and other button to reprint the label location.

4.1 Add buttons to group

Groups can contain buttons, which allow manually launching specific apps_wms_formath. Buttons can be visible or hidden depending on button_cond, when true the button will be visible and hidden otherwise. Only buttons belonging to the group of the current field will be displayed.

4.2 Execution at web-terminal

Execution at web-terminal
Field Location Push access to group buttons Group buttons