In this example, we will create a menu structure that appears as such:

    • PICKING (M)
      1. Picking (L)
      2. Picking supply (L)
      1. Inventory blind count(L)
      2. Cycle count (L)
    1. Report 1 (L)
    2. Report 2 (L)

Where (M) indicates a menu item and (L) a form launcher.

1 Create a Root Menu Folder

We start by creating our root folders, ACTIONS and REPORTS. We will also assign these menus to the menu group WMS_EMPLOYEE and root menu WMS_EMPLOYEE.

Menu order can be controlled using the Order field.

A user is assigned a menu via the WMS menu field in the WMS Users (apps_wms_users) option.

At this point, the user menu will appear as below:

2 Add Submenus

In this step, we will add two submenus to the ACTIONS menu options: PICKING and STOCK COUNTS.


Note that the menu is still WMS_EMPLOYEE and the root menu is still ACTIONS.

3 Add Form Launcher

Next, we will add laucnhers to the PICKING menu:

On the device, it will appear as below:

4 Custom Image to Menu Item

A menu item (Menus and Launchers) can have customized icons when displayed in the menu. The menu form contains a field for image upload:

The mobile device view appears as such: