This section describes how to program Axional Terminal menus according to desired user specifications.

1 Menus

Menu path:
Warehouse management / Menus
Warehouse management / Menus
SGA-TERM / Menus

Menus follow a tree-based hierarchical structure. A menu item may contain more submenus or launchers to forms. Users are assigned to menus, and therefore distinct users will see different, personalized sets of menus.

Label Description
Menus The menu group. Users are assigned this menu code.
Root menu The immediate parent menu this menu belongs to.
Order Display order
Next submenu Defines a submenu where other menus or launchers can be attached. If the Command field is filled out, its value must be set to Menu.
Description The label that will be displayed in the tree menu.
Type Type options (Menu, Function, External Program)

  • Default: M
  • Values:
    • F: Function. Defines a form launcher. The form in the Command field will be launched when user clicks this menu item.
    • M: Menu. Defines a submenu to be opened when user selects this menu folder.
    • R: Report.
Command Indicates the form (apps_wms_formath) to launch. When this field is not null, the menu type must be Function.
Image An icon that will be displayed instead of the standard icons for menu containers and form launchers.

Created by The user who has created the record

  • Default: USER
Date created Date of registering

  • Default: CURRENT
Modified by The last user who has updated the record

  • Default: USER
Date updated Date of the last update

  • Default: CURRENT
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