Some of the common devices used and it's configurations.

1 Android Intermec CN51

1.1 Configure scanner suffix

Go to device Settings / Scanners Click on Internal Scanner, open Symbology Options

A text prefix attached to the scanned value. Set it to empty
A text suffix attached to the scanned value. Must be aligned with the configuration of device defined in apps_wms_term_config
Symbology indentifier
Set to disabled

2 Motorola WT41N0 Configuration

Runtime configuration settings of Enterprise Browser apps are managed through the Config.xml file. The Config.xml determines features and behavior of the EB runtime, including its start-up page, keys that can be intercepted by an app, and whether to pre-load modules on startup. A default configuration file is provided as part of the Enterprise Browser installation, and contains some (though not all) of the most common settings.

2.1 Config.xml Location

The location of the configuration file on the device varies by target and platform: is \Program Files\EnterpriseBrowser\Config

Persistent Installations
If a Config.xml must be retained after a cold boot, a persistent installation can be selected (applies to Windows devices only). In such systems:
  • The Config.xml file is permanently stored in: \Application\EnterpriseBrowser\Config\Config.xml
  • On cold boot the Config.xml is copied to: \Program Files\EnterpriseBrowser\Config\Config.xml
  • This behavior can be modified by changing \Application\EnterpriseBrowser.cpy file

2.2 Config.xml file format

The default Config.xml file is shown below for reference

The visit the full reference of the Config.xml, please visit the following link

    <DebugButtonsEnabled value="0" />
    <ExitPasswordEnabled value="0" />
    <ExitPasswordValue value="" />
    <SettingsButtonEnabled value="0" />
    <SettingsPageProtectionEnabled value="0" />
    <SettingsPagePassword value="" />
    <ShortcutCreationEnabled value="0" />
    <LogProtocol value="FILE" />
    <LogPort value="80" />
    <LogURI value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser\Log.txt" />
    <LogError value="1" />
    <LogWarning value="1" />
    <LogInfo value="1" />
    <LogTrace value="0" />
    <LogUser value="0" />
    <LogMemory value="0" />
    <LogMemPeriod value="5000" />
    <LogMaxSize value="5000" />
    <RegEXFile value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser\Config\RegEx.xml" />
    <PluginFile value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser\Config\Plugin.xml" />
    <FullScreen value="1" />
    <PageZoom value="1.0" />
    <ShowLicenseConfirmation value="0" />
    <SplashScreenPath value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser\rho\apps\app\loading.png" />
    <Enabled VALUE="0" />
    <Port VALUE="8080" />
    <WebFolder VALUE="\Program Files\EnterpriseBrowser\rho\apps\public\api" />
    <Public VALUE="0" />
    <TrackConnection value="0" />
    <HostURL value="" />
    <Message value="Establishing Connection..." />
    <Timeout value="30000" />
    <PollInterval value="5000" />
    <FunctionKeysCapturable value="0" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F1 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F2 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F3 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F4 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F5 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F6 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F7 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F8 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F9 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F10 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F11 value="1" />
    <EnableFunctionKey_F12 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A1 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A2 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A3 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A4 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A5 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A6 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A7 value="1" />
    <EnableApplicationKey_A8 value="1" />
    <NavTimeout value="180000" />
    <EnableSSL3 value="0" />
    <GeolocationEnabled value="1" />
    <AutoRotate value="1" />
    <NewTabPhysicalMemLimit value="100" />
    <NewTabVirtualMemLimit value="100" />
    <EngineInUse value="Webkit" />
      <HTTP_Proxy value="" />
      <HTTPS_Proxy value="" />
        <Name value="Menu" />
        <StartPage value="" name="Menu" />
        <UseRegularExpressions value="0" />
        <ZoomInKey value="" />
        <ZoomOutKey value="" />
        <DisableScannerDuringNavigation value="0" />
        <DisableScannerInApp value="0" />
        <WebStorageDBPath value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser" />
        <WebSQLDBQuota value="5000000" />
        <WebSQLDBPath value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser" />
        <ApplicationCachePath VALUE="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser" />
        <ApplicationCacheQuota VALUE="5000000" />
        <NPAPIDirectory value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser\NPAPI\" />
          <PreloadLegacyActiveX value="0" />
          <PreloadLegacyGeneric value="1" />
          <PreloadLegacyODAX value="1" />
          <PreloadLegacyNoSIP value="1" />
          <PreloadLegacyAirBeam value="1" />
          <PreloadLegacyAPD value="1" />
          <PreloadJSObjects value="1" />
        <Preload value="Hourglass" />
        <Preload value="SIP" />
        <Preload value="ScreenOrientation" />
        <ScrollTechnique VALUE="FingerScroll" />
        <FitToScreenEnabled value="1" />
        <ClearTypeEnabled value="1" />
        <JavascriptEnabled value="1" />
        <TextSelectionEnabled value="0" />
        <FontFamily value="Tahoma" />
        <ResourceFiles  value="file:///inspector/"/>
        <ServerPort     value="7000"/>
        <ResizeOnSIP value="0" />
        <LowBatteryScan value="0" />
        <DecodeVolume value="5" />
        <DecodeFrequency value="0xBB8" />
        <InvalidDecodeFrequency value="0x9C4" />
        <DecodeDuration value="250" />
        <ScanDecodeWav value="" />
        <ScanInvalidWav value="" />
        <ImagerCaptureWav value="" />
        <SignalRefresh value="5000" />
        <BatteryRefresh value="5000" />
        <HourglassEnabled value="0" />
        <HourglassLeft value="" />
        <HourglassTop value="" />
        <BadLinkURI value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser\HTML\BadLink.html" />
        <UserAgent value="Mozilla/5.0 (WebKit; U; /%p) AppleWebKit/%w (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/%e Mobile Safari/%w" />
        <NetworkCookieDatabase value="file://\Application\EnterpriseBrowser\cookies.db" />
        <ViewportEnabled value="1" />
        <VerifyPeerCertificate value="1" />
        <Cache VALUE="5MB" />
        <DiskCache VALUE="5MB" />
        <EnableCtrlKey_A value="1" />
        <EnableCtrlKey_C value="1" />
        <EnableCtrlKey_V value="1" />
        <EnableCtrlKey_O value="0" />
        <EnableCtrlKey_P value="0" />
      <CustomDOMElements value="" />

2.2.1 Important propeties

Below some important properties needed to optimize the user experience running the rf-web application


Defines the start page of the Enterprise Browser application displayed at launch. A device-resident file is recommended to avoid connectivity issues on startup. StartPage entry must be a fully qualified local path using file:// or URL using http://. For URLs, accepts UTF-8 characters only. Case sensitive.


Controls whether the Hourglass icon will be displayed while navigating between pages (enabled by default).

Possible Values:

  • 0 - Disabled
  • 1 - Enabled


Sets the Enterprise Browser app to display in full screen mode, hiding the OS from the user unless specifically minimized using the Application API. For Windows Mobile devices that include a custom Zebra user interface, access is provided to the status bar at the top of the screen. Enabled by default.

Possible Values:

  • 0 - Disabled
  • 1 - Enabled


Permits the selection of a rendering engine (IE or Webkit) when deploying a Webkit installation of Enterprise Browser to Windows CE6 or Windows Mobile 6.5 and above. If deploying an IE-only installation, Webkit will not be available as an option.

MUST be set to Webkit


Defines the amount of time (in milliseconds) the application should wait to establish communication with the relevant server (as opposed to waiting for a page to fully load) before displaying the ‘bad link’ message. If the destination is unreachable, the bad link message might be displayed before the timeout is reached. The navigation timeout will not be invoked when navigating to an application’s start page. The recommended best practice is to store the first page locally to avoid connectivity issues at startup. The app can then redirect to an online page if desired..


Controls whether scanner will be automatically disabled when navigating away from a page on which it was enabled. A setting of '0' will override this default behavior. Once enabled, the scanner will remain enabled in the foreground application until manually disabled.

MUST be set to 0


Sets the protocol over which the logging data will be sent.

Must be set to FILE


Controls logging of ERROR messages generated by the Enterprise Browser. If set to 1, it enables error-level logging only (can be overridden by LogWarning).

Possible values:

  • 0 - Disabled
  • 1 - Enabled


Controls the logging of WARNING messages generated by the Enterprise Browser. If set to 1, enables warning and error messages (overrides LogError setting; can be overridden by LogInfo).

Possible values:

  • 0 - Disabled
  • 1 - Enabled


Controls the logging of INFORMATION messages generated by the Enterprise Browser. If set to 1, enables Info, Warning and Error logging (Overrides LogWarning and/or LogError settings; can be overridden by LogUser).

Possible values:

  • 0 - Disabled
  • 1 - Enabled


Controls the logging of the Trace messages generated by Enterprise Browser. If set to 1, enables Trace, Info, Warning and Error logging.

Possible values:

  • 0 - Disabled
  • 1 - Enabled


The URL or file name and path to which logged data should be sent or saved.

Possible Values:Any valid URL or fully qualified file name

For instance when setting the following path :


Then the files will be located:

Logs must be enabled

Setting LogUri property does not automatically enable logs.

LogProtocol must be set to FILE and the properties LogError, LogWarning,LogInfo,LogTrace must be set to 1

2.3 Disable DataWedge

DataWedge app must be disabled to avoid interations with the javascript API from the browser

DataWedge settings are localed in Control Panel / DataWedge. Disable the app by setting the Running section to No

To avoid DataWedge restarting on every reboot, go to Advanced Configuration and follow the tfollowing steps:and uncheck the Desktop Autostart section

  • Press 1 to open Profiles menu
  • Press 1 again to open Profile0 menu
  • Press 1 again to uncheck the option 1. Enabled
  • Press 0 twice to return to Settings menu
  • Press 4 to open Desktop Autostart menu
  • Press 1 to uncheck the option 1. Enabled.
  • Press 0 to return to Settings menu
  • Press 6 to select Export option
  • Press enter to confirm