1 User Guide

1.1 Menu View

The menu view allows the user to browse and navigate the menu tree. In devices which lack touchscreens, the up and down arrows, as well as the enter key, can be used to select menus.

  1. Go back to previous menu
  2. Open SQL asynchronous task detail
  3. Log out
  4. Go to submenu
  5. Launch form

1.2 Main Buttons

1Exit the current form and return to the last menu or previously-opened screen, if one exists.

2Access the main buttons below:

  • Logs Run screen logs to view the debug program variables.
  • Restart Restart current form from the beginning.
  • Home Direct access to the last menu, removing all data changes to the current form.
  • Pause Direct access to the last menu, saving all data changes to the current form.
  • Tasks Access the task manager list running in the background.
  • Logout Log out of the RF web program.

1.2.1 Tasks

Events triggered after fields can trigger actions. These actions may consist of:

  • Blocking: user input is locked until task is completed.
  • Non-blocking: the task runs in the background, and user action can continue.

Non-blocking actions are referred to as jobs. As they may run for long periods of time, they can be inspected in the jobs console.

1.3 Screen Buttons

Onscreen buttons are used to enter commands.

By default, buttons are located at the bottom of the screen. However, if the device length is not sufficient, buttons will be placed along the right-hand side of the screen.

  • 3 Clear current field and return to the previous input field.
  • 4 Clear current group and return to the previous group.
  • 5 Validate current field and go to the next field input.
  • 6 Clear current field.

1.4 Group Buttons

A form group may have certain buttons associated with it. These buttons perform actions or redirect to other forms.

This button group is displayed at the top of the screen. If there are more than two buttons, the screen will hide all buttons after the first two, and a button will be used to reveal them.

1.5 Field Buttons

There is only one field type with a button ('field with helper').

Open a new screen with a list of values to select.

1.6 Event After Error

When an after event throws an error, the error message is shown below the input field in red.

1.7 Validation Error

When the input fails the validation check, the message configured is shown below the input field in red.

2 Hotkeys

HTML button functions can be triggered using keyboard combinations.

To successfully trigger a key combination, the function key must be held, then the CTRL key must be pressed.

Key combination Action Icon
ESC (Escape key) Cancel screen and go back to menu or previously-opened screen, if one exists.
ENTER (Enter key) Validate current field and go to next field input.
CONTROL+1 Open softreference
CONTROL+2 Clear current field
Arrow Up Move cursor to previous field
CONTROL+4 Delete group
CONTROL+5 Restart form
CONTROL+6 Go to home menu
CONTROL+7 Logout
CONTROL+8 Open logs
F1,F2,F3... Launch button groups.