This guide will help you define each of the necessary elements to create and to effectively manage projects by using Axional Projects.

1 Main screen

From the Axional Projects initial screen, you can visualize your user statistics. Farther down you have direct access to your personal or shared projects, boards, and active issues (cards). By clicking on them, you will directly access them. Other accessible options are People, Accounts and Timesheet.

All these accesses are also available in the left menu that you can show or hide by clicking on the bottom arrow.

Left menu buttons
Icon Name Description
Home Returns the user to the Main Screen.
Projects Shows the list of projects, giving access to them. Allows creating a new project. See the Project section.

Shows the list of boards, giving access to them. See the Board section.


Displays issues and allows creating them. See the Issues section.


Shows the list of tickets (issues you reported by mail), giving access to them. See My tickets section.


Shows unassigned incoming issues to redirect them to the corresponding board. See the Postmaster section.


Shows boards mail list. See the Mail list section.


Displays users that work in projects with you. See the Users section.


Displays working team, where the user belongs to, and allows to create a new team. See the Teams section.


Displays customers list, and allows adding a new customer. See the Customers section.


Displays companies list, and allows adding a new company. See the Companies section.


Displays contacts list, and allows to add a new contact. See the Contacts section.

Time Sheet

Displays a the time sheet calendar, to see and manage your tasks on it. See the Time Sheet section.

My Access

Displays the access button (start/stop) and the access control calendar. See the Time Sheet section.

Top menu options
Option Name Description

Search engine that will search keywords on cards.

Timer Time elapsed since the user started the timer from one of their cards.
Message System messages pending to be read.
Language Language selected by the user.
Profile Profile image of the user. It displays some additional options:
  • My profile: allows the user to change some information about their profile (avatar and initials). It also allows configuring visibility of card components displayed in application.
  • Dark theme: a dark theme is a low-light UI that displays mostly dark surfaces. It's designed to be a supplemental mode to default (or light) theme.
  • My deister: it returns the user to Axional Portal.