Each list represents a phase of the process or a required step to achieve your goal or simply a list of things to do. Boards can include as many lists as necessary.

1 How to create a list

Just click on the + Add a list button on your board and name it: use a unique, short and descriptive name. Then press the Add list button.

The Backlog list

The Backlog is simply a list of all things or ideas that need to be done within the project. As the backlog is part of a project, this list will appear on all boards that belong to that project. To create a secondary backlog list, create a new board with the backlog template.

2 List options

As a standard procedure, the lists are shown in the creation order, from the left to the right of the board.

2.1 Lists values

The lists show at the top the sum total of assigned hours, effort points and cost of all the cards that are on that list.

2.2 Moving a list

This background layout can be easily reordered:

  • Point and click the desired list, and move it using the drag and drop functionality, or
  • Click on the list edit option and select the Move option.

Backlog list position

The system does not allow moving the Backlog list from the left side or position 0


2.3 List edition menu

Click on the list edit option on the top right-hand side of the list.

  • Sort by: the standard order of cards within a list according to various criteria. Cards can also be moved using the drag and drop functionality. Use this option to modify the cards sorting criteria selecting one among the displayed options.
    • Code descending
    • Code ascending
    • Priority descending
    • Priority ascending
    • Date created newer
    • Date created older
    • Name descending
    • Name ascending
  • Color: select a color from the palette that appears, in order to change the list color when it is displayed in the board Sheet mode.

  • Archive this list: when a list is archived, it disappears from the board. This option is normally used when it is known that no more cards will pass through the list.

    Restore an archived list

    It is possible to restore an already archived list.

    • Display the board right menu option.
    • Select the Archived Items option.
    • Press the Switch to list button.
    • Choose the list you want to retrieve and press Send to Board.

    The unarchive option is only available for a limited period of time.

    The Archivelist option is not available on Scrum boards.
  • Work modes Default/In Progress/Done: this is the work mode of the lists when working with timesheet.
    • Default: this is the default mode when creating a list. In this mode, there is no automatic time control and it is the user himself who must enable or disable the timer.
    • In Progress: in this mode, when a card is dragged into this list, the user timer automatically starts counting. The timer will not stop until the user moves the card out of the "In progress" list. These lists show the timer icon next to the title. Cards in these lists display the timer icon on (only one card at the same time). This is the standard mode of operation on scrum boards for the In Progress list.

      If more than one card of the same user is dragged into this list, the last card is the one that will have the timer activated.
    • Done: in this mode, when a card is dragged into this list, the system assumes this task is "Done" and automatically marks it as done. These lists show the done icon next to the title. If this card had the timer activated, it will be automatically turned off. This is the standard mode of operation on scrum boards for the Done list.