1 Users

The users can work alone, share boards, or work in teams. All users can create their own Axional project boards, which they can share with any other user or with a new or existing team.

The user who creates a board is its owner and is the only one who can configure it. The owner can share that board with other users and, at the same time, make them administrators of the board. Being an administrator, you have the same privileges as the original owner.

Any user can also create a team, usually a group of people pursuing the same goal, working coordinated and contributing to successful work.

1.1 The users' menu

The users' menu gives you access to all the users with whom you, as the owner or administrator, have shared a board.

Access the users' menu:

  • Click on the Users icon. This gives access to the users' information of those users you work with.
  • Select a user: the screen will display all the boards you are assigned to, which correspond to the Boards shared with me icon: Using the search engine, you will be able to search for a specific board to easily know if the selected user also belongs to that board or not.
  • Select the Completed issues icon: the screen will display those cards assigned to this user that have been completed.
  • Access the Pending issues icon: the screen will display those cards assigned to this user that are still pending.
  • Access the Calendar icon: the screen will display that user's Timesheet calendar.

2 Teams

The teams usually share issues and remain coordinated. Use them for groups or ongoing departments like Marketing, Administration or Technical Office. When necessary, you can also create new interdepartmental teams.

2.1 How to create a team

On the left menu of the application:

  • Click on the Team icon: the team screen will be displayed.
  • Click on the Create team button: a wizard on the screen will guide you to create the new project, just by following the instructions.

Remember that during the time you remain in the wizard you will have the options back (return to the previous screen) or cancel (which will stop the creation process) available on the screen.

  • STEP 1
    • Name: (required) globally unique name for your team.
    • Team description: briefly describe this team.
    • Press the CONTINUE button.

  • STEP 2
    • Who has access: shows the current members of the team.
    • Invite people: select an existing user from the drop-down list. New members are normal users by default. Select between Normal user or Admin user from the drop-down list clicking on the edit icon.
    • Press the CREATE button.

2.2 Team settings

If you’re a team owner or administrator, you're in control of the team settings.


  • Access the Team screen.
  • Click on the Edit button on the right side of the team to be configured: the screen displays the boards assigned to the team.
  • On the left menu of the application, click on the Settings icon. The screen displays the Team details options. Here it is possible to:
    • Modify the team name
    • Modify or add the team description
    • Add a team image
  • On the left menu of the application, click on the Users and access option. Here it is possible to:
    • Add users
    • Limit the possibilities of the new member to Read or Write.