In this section, the user can view the list of printers which they can or cannot access.

1 General View

The user must click on the "Printers" button.

In the following image, the user can see the list of printers containing information such as:

  • (1) PRINTER NAME: shows the name of the printer.
  • (2) INFORMATION: if the user has questions about the Printer Desktop, they can access a guide by clicking the Information button.
  • (3) REFRESH: allows the user to update printer information.
  • (4) READY: establishes if the printer is available or not.
  • (5) TYPE: establishes the type of document which the printer can print.
  • (6) PRINT: prints a document when selected by the user.

2 Print a Document

The following video shows the user how to print a document and how to delete it from the printer queue.