The Bookmarks tool provides direct access to applications, web addresses, shared documents, and more. It is located on the top-left of the desktop, and can be accessed by clicking this icon:


Direct access can be organized by group, but it is also possible to configure access from each individual user's desktop.

First, the user must click the desktop tab to select the desktop where they wish to create a Bookmarks folder.

Next, they must click the Bookmarks icon located in the Toolbar.

Then, a new tab will be opened on the desktop called Desktool , where the user can manage various types of links, whether external or internal to the system. An example is provided below:

All elements which comprise the Desktool, located on the left-hand side of the screen, are:

Name Description
1 Bookmarks Shows a list of all folders. By default, main folders such as Bookmarks and Recycle Bin are set to appear. Users can also add or delete folders in order to improve their link organization.
2 Labels Allows the user to configure and manage tags and labels.
3 Options Allows the user to choose between various desktops.
4 Search Allows the user to find elements on the tool.
5 Main Panel Shows links or folders of elements.
6 Options Used to add a new folder or bookmarked link to the desktop.
7 Information Provides all details of selected elements.

1.1 Folder Administration

The folder explorer is located in the left-hand column, and shows user folder options. Two standard folders are created by default: Bookmarks and Recycle Bin. These folders cannot be renamed, moved, or deleted.

  • Bookmarks: Root system folder where users can create subfolders.
  • Recycle Bin: The recycle bin stores all folders and links deleted by the user. All elements stored in the bin can be recovered or permanently deleted. In order to recover elements, the user can perform one of two options: 1. Select an element on the main panel and move it, using the main panel button "Move to", or 2. drag a folder from Recycle Bin to the destination folder.

Folder Management

All folders have the possibility to expand and collapse.

1.2 Contextual menu

Contextual menu, provides to user a group of tools in order to manage folders. If user wants to access to contextual management menu is necessary to click with right button on folder. Folders Favorites and Recycle Bin can't be renamed, deleted, connected, shared or modificate its atributes. It is not allowed to create subfolders on Recycle Bin.

As it has been explained:

Disabled options

All options with greyish tones means that they are options depending on selected elements and for this reason, they are not executables.

Menu contextual options are:

Icon Name Description
Rename folder User can modify name of selected folder.
Delete folder It sends selected folder and its content to Recycle Bin.
Move folder It allows to move selected folder to an other location.
Share folder It allows to share folders with other users. All links added on this folder are showed to all shared users.
Folder attributes It allows to define following folder options: sort, type of view and folder icon.
Add as a desktop channel It allows to create a new channel with folder content.
New folder It allows to create a folder on selected folder.
New favorite User can add a new link/favorite on selected folder.
Reload folder User can update folder list.

1.3 Main panel

On Main Panel user can see all links on list format from a selected folder. On this panel, edition and manipulation are done on a new window.

Following elements are distinguished:

  1. Tab directory: It shows directory from selected folder which represents its links from a list link.
  2. Links list: It shows on list form all events of selected folder. This list has different camps that allow to sort of the list.

1.4 Options

Options tool located on right side of your screen, is used when is needed to add a folder or a new link.


First of all, user has to use tab directory in order to determinate where will be added this link o new folders.

1.4.1 Create folders

If user needs to create a new folder on Favorites he will need to do following actions:

  1. Be on panel Favorites according to image:

  2. Here it can be seen the result example:

1.4.2 Edit folders

Later, when folder is created and user needs to edit it, is important to do following actions:

  1. Be on Favorites on desktop where is find folder vinculated. Select folder and press right button of your mouse.
  2. Select option Rename folder if is needed to modify nomenclature of its element or its indicator, click on Folder attributes.

1.4.3 Eliminate folder

If user wants to delete a folder located on Favorites he will do this actions:

  1. Select the folder on Favorites panel, where is vinculated and click with right button of the mouse.
  2. Select action Delete folder:

  3. Validate action, answering "Yes" at pop-up message.

    Recover deleted elements

    If user wants to recover a deleted element, he can do it by clicking on Recycle bin, located on left side of Favorites.

1.4.4 Create links

Then, is explained all instructions needed in order to use this tool or creating a link.

  1. Being on tool Desktool, click on New favorite included on drop-down explained before.
  2. A pop-up window will be opened with some information needed as:

    • URL of the website: information needed in order to write object code and data base code.
    • Name of the website: information needed with the intention of describe link.
    • Website information: information is not needed in order to describe new favorite function.
    • Ordination: section that determines the order to be showed.
    • Channel style: different brands and attributes by icons or colors.
  3. Select option JREP Object. Replace JREP_CODE by object code, and DBMS_CODE by data base code in order to have data. Is needed to fill out following sections like Name of the website.

  4. As a result, user could see if his link is shown on Main panel like that:

1.4.5 Modify Links

When this link is created as a favorite, user could modify actions, delete, and/or add them to desktop.

How edit this link:

  1. Click on Favorites (star icon) located on Toolbar on start-up screen.
  2. Then, when user is on that moment, he must click on Directory tab in order to move between all folders of Desktop and find the link to be edited.
  3. Click with right button and select Edit favorite:

  4. It will appear a box pops up- the same that it was used to create a new link- and it will be useful in order to edit any defined section. Next stage consists on how add an icon which allows the best view of the link: click on Icon button, and Change icon. It will appear a new window with all saved folders on desktop. User must search and select image needed storaged on the computer disk. Click on Accept in order to configurate the modification. Here is shown all process:

  5. Click on modification action in order to do the change immediately:

1.4.6 Move links between locations

When user has created a link on desktop and he needs to reorganize it, he must consider following instructions:

  1. Click on Main panel and, with right button, press on the link which user wants to move:

  2. It will appear a pop-up window with different collapsed nodes. While is being expanded, it will appear a tree with all folders definded on favorites. Select the folder where user can include link that he is editing. Here it can be seen a demonstration:

    Selected folder

    From tree which conforms main folder Favorites click on the folder where link is going to be in. This folder will be showed on bold.

  3. On the last stage, user can see all result obtained: link is located on selected folder.

1.4.7 Set as desktop channel

It is important to remind that despite of creating a link on area Favorites, it doesn't mean that it has been linked with desktop.

All instructions to link a folder - composed by various links- to its desktop as a channel are:

  1. Click on folder which user wants to link as a channel from area: Folders Managment:

  2. At the bottom right corner of the screen, user can see through a pop-up that the action has been done successfully.
  3. Then, click on Start-up screen, and select tab: without necessity of refreshing page.

    Elements to be linked as a channel

    It is important to remain that link an object can't be linked without belonging to a folder.

1.4.8 Deleting links

With the intention of deleting a link related with a folder, all stages will be explained:

  1. Get back to folder which includes link to be deleted by clicking on Directory tab.
  2. Click on link through right button. Select delete option.
  3. Confirm deleting element by clicking "Yes" on pop up window. An example is explained below instructions: