This option allows the user to easily access their contacts.

1 Contacts

In the following image, various options available on the Contacts desktop can be seen:

  • (1) MY CONTACTS: displays the user's personal contacts, which can only be viewed by them.
  • (2) GROUP CONTACTS: displays all contacts that belong to a particular group to which the user belongs. The administrator creates these groups and grants group access to users.
  • (3) TAGS: allows the user to classify contacts using color tags.
  • (4) SEARCH: allows the user to search a contact directly by name.
  • (5) INFORMATION: if the user has a question about the Contacts desktop, they can access this guide under Information.
  • (6) ADD: this option allows the user to add a new contact. The following information must be filled in:

1.1 Add Contact

The user can add a new contact and fill in following information:

1.2 My Contacts

The user can edit contact data or delete contacts by clicking the buttons marked in the image below:

1.3 Tags

The following video explains how to create a tag and how to add it to a contact. It also explains how to edit and delete tags.