The CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This term refers to a set of practices, business strategies and technologies focused on customers, aimed at promoting the Relational Marketing and favoring relationships with your customers.

1 What is Axional Tiny CRM

Axional Tiny CRM is a new technological instrument for a fluid relationship with your customers that supplies a complete view of the deals with them.

This tool facilitates the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the customer or the potential customer and, as a consequence, promotes its retention and loyalty.

With Axional Tiny CRM you can manage your customers' information and automate processes: it helps you to know, at any time, what your customers need and want.

The main characteristics of this application are as follows:

  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Creation of lead customers, accounts, deals and tasks.
  • Accepts company peculiarities.
  • Deal control through graphical workflow.

With the use of this application you can avoid confusing the client deals, misplacing important client data or forgetting follow-up the deal.

1.1 Application structure

Axional is based on 4 entities that can easily be linked to each other:

  1. A Lead customer is a potential corporate customer that could become a real corporate customer of the products or services offered by the company.
  2. An Account is a lead when it becomes a real corporate client. It includes the complete business data: name, billing addresses, shipping addresses, ..., in addition to displaying information on the origin of its creation and the person assigned.
  3. The Contacts are the natural persons we deal with, always related to an account or a lead. It includes: name, phone number, personal data, e-mail address...
  4. Deals are one of the most important parts of the CRM, since it determines the sales and possible sales or services that we perform in the company in agreement with the customer.

This figure shows the entities and their relationships:

Tiny CRM entities


1.2 Recommendations prior to use

Before using the application, it is advisable the administrator to adapt it to the reality of the company. To this end, the application has different configurable fields. See Administration section.

2 Channels and OLAP

Take full advantage of Axional: quickly visualize on your desktop all the data of the Tiny CRM entities through the Channels or use the Business Intelligence OLAP solution to streamline and customize the query of large amounts of data.

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