Axional Studio includes a solution for enterprise report writing and drilldown analysis and provides quick access to the necessary data you need to make critical business decisions. It empowers you to better understand how your company is doing, why you are on/off track and what the best course of action is going forward.

This technologically-advanced software allows you to easily create both financial and operational reports with a look and feel you already know and then provides complete drill down functionality within any custom report.

  • Pre-Integration With Standard Report Templates - Axional Studio Reporting comes already integrated with your ERP database, so you can immediately begin creating reports in minutes without a detailed knowledge of your database layout. Standard report templates reduce the time it takes to create custom reports tailored to your specific information needs.
  • Comprehensive Drilldown Capability - Axional Studio Reporting allows you to drill down to source document information on any summary data field with just a click of your mouse; no special programming required. Imagine the power of being able to analyze any number you see on a report just by clicking on it.
  • Easy-to-use Date Functionality - With Axional Studio Reporting, defining preferred date functions (e.g. year­-to-date, month-to-date, rolling 12 months, etc.) takes just a single click on a pull-down list. What previously took a programmer several hours now takes a standard user less than a minute to create.
  • Familiar Report Environment - Axional Studio Reporting has the look and feel of a standard spreadsheet, but completely eliminates the common pitfalls that spreadsheets inherently create with its direct connection to your database.
  • Combine Data From Multiple Data Sources in One Report - Pulling in data from multiple companies and data in spreadsheets is incredibly easy. In addition, Axional Studio Reporting enables you to pull in data from multiple areas within your database and have it displayed on a single report, eliminating the need to create multiple reports and combine the results in a spreadsheet.
  • View KPIs Using Easy-to-Use Date Functionality - Create dashboards with graphs, charts, gauges, and reports using simple point-and-click procedures. Also, group a series of reports in a single report packet that makes critical performance indicators accessible.
  • Painless Consolidations, Eliminations & Multi-Currency Conversions - Axional Studio Reporting makes generating multi-company/multi-currency consolidated financial reports easy - including companies with different charts of accounts - and even handles intercompany eliminations.
  • Interactive Reporting - With its built-in ad hoc reporting capabilities, Axional Studio Reporting allows users to quickly build reports via drag-and-drop procedures and analyze data in a detailed view or graph - without requiring technical expertise.
  • Schedule Reports to Run & be Distributed Automatically - With Axional Studio Reporting’s scheduling server, reports will be automatically produced on pre-determined schedules, published in HTML, PDF, or spreadsheet formats, and distributed to team members.

Axional Studio can be used to generate several type of reports. This software allows you to easily create both financial and operational reports with a look and feel you already know and then provides complete drill down functionality within any custom report.

1 Simple report

This is a simple report, using the render report.

The sections programmed are:

  • Main form with an SQL statment
  • Output columns

* The numerical columns in the output definition has the atribute (sum).

2 Column groups

Group is a attribute of columns defined at the output that allows group by levels the data set of a query.

In this example, the groups are defined to the columns: Country, Region and City.